The number of postgraduate entrance examination has reached a new high: how to guarantee the fairness of gods fight among top students?

 The number of postgraduate entrance examination has reached a new high: how to guarantee the fairness of gods fight among top students?

October 31 is the deadline of online application for postgraduate entrance examination in 2020. According to the forecast, this years number of postgraduate entrance examination will reach a new record, reaching about 3.3 million, after the previous years 2.9 million.

On the one hand, it is more and more difficult to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and on the other hand, the army of Baoyan (also known as push and exempt) is expanding day by day. It can be seen from the enrollment data in recent years that many colleges and universities have accounted for half or more of the total enrollment; push and free has become the main battlefield for more and more students, especially the top students in famous schools; and behind the immortal fight of top students, colleges and universities frequently recruit to launch the invisible war of students, and the fairness in talent selection calls for system guarantee u3002

Push to avoid war and run away again and again lose without firing the starting gun

Xia Zixuan, a senior majoring in philosophy at Nankai University, didnt expect to win the qualification of escort after three years of hard work. Before she officially registered for opening, she found that the number of this major was full. In other words, she lost before the start of the shooting.

In the past few years, as long as you have the qualification of escort, you can basically say hello to your tutor if you want to stay in our school-based major. Xia Zixuan was surprised by the fierce competition this year.

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of education, colleges and universities need to determine the list of students who have obtained the qualification of guaranteed research before September 25 every year, and these students need to register in the unified online push and exemption system of the whole country before October 25, apply for and participate in the assessment, and finally have the opportunity to receive the admission notice.

She watched her name appear in the schools September list of promotions and waivers, 41 students in the class, ranked 11th, just enough to qualify for the escort. It seems to her that it is almost certain to stay with her tutor for postgraduate study. Unexpectedly, the fierce war of pushing and exempting has already started quietly in May.

In fact, since the first half of this year, the war of enrollment and exemption of colleges and universities has been smoke of gunpowder. Colleges and universities are going out in April and may to do enrollment publicity, and hold summer camps in summer vacation, targeting a considerable number of high-quality students in advance. This means that if you want to do the same as before, its too late to wait until the registration time stipulated by the state.

Liu Zheng, of the school of civil, business and economic law of China University of political science and law, recently regretted that I thought that my school was stable, so I didnt attend the summer camp or report to other schools..

When he was a sophomore, Liu Zheng began to prepare for the research. In order to avoid staying up late to prepare the academic year paper, we should not only keep our achievements in front, but also collect and prepare various materials..

He thought that he had contacted his tutor in advance and was sure to stay in our school. Later, he found that the school had determined the list of excellent students to be exempted at the summer camp, and then he was defeated in the fierce competition.

The enrollment director of a double first-class graduate school told China Youth Daily. that in recent years, more and more people want to go to graduate school. The reason is that, on the one hand, the number of undergraduate graduates has increased in recent years, and on the other hand, with the social transformation and upgrading in recent years, the industrial development puts forward higher requirements for talents, for example, there are more R & D jobs, many Fields have higher requirements for education. .

According to the report on the employment of Chinese college students in 2019 issued by the third-party Social Survey Institute, the employment rate of the graduates in 2018 is 1.6 percentage points lower than that in 2014, showing a continuous and slow decline trend; at the same time, the proportion of going to graduate school and preparing for postgraduate entrance examination is 3.2% and 1.4% higher than that in 2014, respectively.

It is difficult to obtain employment and take the postgraduate entrance examination, and the competition of pushing and exempting from postgraduate education has become fierce. Although the Ministry of education has stipulated that the proportion of students to be exempted should not exceed 50%, there is still room for flexibility in all majors of all schools. According to the 2019 research and recruitment report, Zhejiang University and Wuhan University have received more than 50% of the students in 2018, while Beijing University and Fudan University even only recruit students in some majors, with the proportion close to 100%. It is natural for more students, especially excellent students, to push and exempt.

Efforts on Baoyan road spread the net widely, collect more fish, and follow it if you can

After a 4-month thrilling long-distance research run, Yang Mei, who was just admitted to China University of political science and law, said, there are too many doorways here!

Since May, dazzling information and assessment notices have sprung up from thousands of departments and professional websites in hundreds of universities. She began to pay attention to various public information numbers, and learned several training courses for fear of missing anything.

Baoyans war began with information war, and it was all up to him to find the needle in a haystack. Yangmei found that the situation of each major in Colleges and universities, including assessment requirements, enrollment ratio, etc. are not the same.

First of all, in the registration stage, different universities have different requirements, and candidates can only summarize the ways according to the Convention: for example, some universities generally only accept the first place, which is very difficult to be selected; some universities have a chance to try again in September if the interview fails in July; some universities will soon be full.

The assessment contents of different colleges and universities are different: some colleges and universities only conduct written interview, and some colleges and universities also participate in display, debate and other links; some colleges and universities mainly focus on the macro direction of the investigation of professional knowledge, but some focus on solving specific problems.

When choosing a major, she has to consider the employment prospect, so she needs to investigate the specific professional construction and research direction of the school one by one.

Too much information made her feel inadequate, so she had to turn to Baoyan training course for help. After paying a basic tuition of 2999 yuan, she joined a one-to-one package class in an institution. The training class lasted for 8 weeks, and the teachers were all the students who had successfully pushed and exempted before. Once the exemption is successful, according to the different grades of the final school, another 12000-26000 yuan tuition fees will be paid.

From school selection, resume preparation to written interview assessment Teacher basically tells her the trend and makes analysis through wechat voice call, the summary of the past can really save you a lot of time.

After the teachers analysis, Yang Mei selected several target colleges and universities, and put out personal materials, including resumes, in order to get the opportunity to take written examinations and interviews.

Its a popular way to check and avoid students in Colleges and universities to let tutors and students communicate in advance through summer camp. Generally speaking, if you get the title of excellent camper in summer camp, you can be regarded as admitted. But there is also uncertainty. Yangmei said with a smile that there is a popular saying among examinees, spread the net widely, collect more fish, and follow it if you can..

Wang Lin, who just received the admission notice from Tsinghua University, is a typical learning bully. After four years of University, he ranks first in his major. With proud results, he filled in five schools and got offers this summer.

Sometimes I have to change places in two or three days. Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan From July to September, in the long front line of research and guarantee, Wang Lin felt that he was either reviewing in the dark in the school and studying for 14 hours a day, or carrying a heavy bag, shuttling through the stations in the north and south of the river.

As early as sophomore year, Wang Lin began to attend all kinds of lectures of Baoyan, knowing the schools he wanted to go to in advance, and preparing to review materials at the same time. But when junior high school began to send out resumes, the learning bully still felt lack of confidence: there are too many uncertainties, so he had to report more.

He noted that when colleges and universities finally announced the list of excellent campers in summer camp, some would directly state that they can get the excellent campers without retest, some would only indicate priority recommendation list at the end of the notice, and others reserve the right to adjust the recommended candidates, and the final result is subject to the result of examination and approval.

Wang Lin has been in several wechat groups spontaneously formed by tuisheng. Some candidates complained that Mingming was recognized as an excellent camper, but it was not found that he was not admitted until the official registration was started. However, at this time, most of the good schools had been filled. Even some schools dont publish the final shortlist at all.

A more free and open selection mechanism is an opportunity as well as a challenge for colleges and Universities

To a certain extent, the increasingly fierce war of promoting and exempting students is also a footnote to the reform of graduate enrollment system in China.

Over the years, our enrollment workload has been increasing. Jia Jianghong, vice president of philosophy College of Nankai University, said that 2014 was a watershed of Chinas graduate system. Previously, tui Wai students could only fill in one wish, to be safe and stay in our school became the choice of most students.

With the promulgation of the notice of the general office of the Ministry of education on further improving the work methods of recommending excellent undergraduate graduates to be exempt from examination and study for graduate students in 2014, the traditional promotion and exemption mode has come to an end. On the one hand, the new policy has greatly enriched the choice of candidates: candidates are allowed to fill in three applications, and there is no limit on the number of students who stay in school, and colleges and universities are not allowed to limit the number of students who can apply for examination independently in any form. On the other hand, from enrollment to admission, the whole process adopts the national push and free service system, which changes the chaotic situation that the former colleges and universities use their own enrollment system and act independently.

In order to recruit excellent students, the college also started to prepare early. Lu Xing, assistant dean and associate professor of philosophy College of Nankai University, has participated in the promotion and exemption selection for many years. He believes that the current graduate education needs to be further improved in terms of quality, and should also give students a wider range of choices.

This is also in line with the characteristics of graduate education. A college admissions director said that the postgraduate stage is similar to the apprenticeship mode of tutor leading students, which is a two-way selection process. Generally speaking, the students who can get the qualification of pushing and exempting from each school usually have excellent results and strong comprehensive quality. It is helpful for teachers and students to have in-depth communication. We dont want to train all the students of our own school, which will narrow the academic field. He believes that the diversity of students can also optimize the schools academic relationship.

With the further liberalization of the policy, colleges and universities have more initiative, and can formulate the selection rules based on the actual situation of the school. However, the higher freedom also brings some doubts about the hidden operation may exist.

Some standards do not require disclosure, which may make some students think the process is opaque. Taking the summer camp qualification examination as an example, the subject construction level, student ranking, foreign language ability and other factors of the school where the examinee is located may be considered, and the final comprehensive evaluation of the students will be obtained, said the head of postgraduate enrollment in a university in the eastern region.

It is undeniable that there are many subjective factors in the assessment, which is considered to leave a space for human control of the admission results. Although it is not written on the surface, many schools take whether candidates are born in famous schools as implicit assessment indicators, that is to say, candidates from non famous schools are very unlikely to be admitted. At the same time, the recommendation of the examinees tutor and the relationship with the other school also affect the final result of the examination.

The person in charge said that the reason for adopting the tutors recommendation is that there are more students signing up, sometimes its difficult to judge the ability of students completely from the written materials, so we think that expert recommendation can be an important measure..

The problem that examinees reflect most is that the assessment standards of each school are different and the process is not transparent enough. This can really cause problems. The person in charge admitted that there are different assessment methods and difficulties for different schools and tutors. Some schools make a phone call for an interview, which is difficult to really play the role of assessment. To a certain extent, it also causes social doubts about its fairness. One examinee said to the reporter, there is no hard standard for the final admission, and the school says who is who.

In fact, not only students, but also colleges and universities are facing many pressures and challenges. For example, other schools do a lot of work for students, which may attract good students. Jia said.

The above directors of enrollment in Eastern colleges and universities expressed the same helplessness. Every year, some students who have been recruited in advance give up the qualification of being admitted at the last moment and do not report. In order to avoid being pigeoned by students, the school can only think of some ways. For example, this school has 2000 places for admission and exemption, so the number of notifications may exceed that.

In his opinion, this more open and free way of talent selection is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the next round of competition and development of colleges and universities. (at the request of the interviewee, all the students in the paper are pseudonyms)

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