The main force of selling driving licenses in universities is not only losing points, but also being molested by scalpers

 The main force of selling driving licenses in universities is not only losing points, but also being molested by scalpers

A drivers license is required to drive, but a person with a license does not have to drive. For example, for many college students, they have plenty of vacation time. Taking a drivers license is to add a skill to themselves. It may be useful to find a job in the future. As a result, college students have become a very common group in the situation of no car without book.

I didnt expect that this very normal phenomenon can also be stared at by lawbreakers. In their eyes, some of these students who are not deeply involved in the world have far more than a simple Ben. In this Ben, there are 12 points. These drivers licenses, which will not be deducted because they dont drive, have become the rich mine in the eyes of the scalpers who do the buy and distribute points business.

How did this well-known illegal business come about? What kind of punishment will the scalpers who buy points face? For college students who sell points, what risks will they face besides the illegal gains that are only possible and not necessarily obtained?

Universities have become the main force of selling points,

Not only lose points, but also be molested by cattle

In October this year, Nanjing Traffic Management Bureau received a police report from a nearby police station that 10 college students from different universities formed a cheated alliance and had a physical conflict with a scalper who bought and sold driving license points.

Zeng Qili, a policeman of traffic control bureau of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, said: these college students set up new accounts online to contact with scalpers and lure them out to retaliate. After being lured out by fishing, a lot of physical conflicts happened. This scalper has nothing to do with cheating college students, and they didnt meet before. They just have a bad feeling out of the angle of fighting against injustice.

Zeng Qili told VOA that the current organization of scalpers has bid farewell to the previous situation of fighting alone and formed an organized and disciplined illegal group. There is a great market demand for buy, sell and consume. The scalpers are aiming at the college students who have drivers license but dont have a car. They are simple in thinking and have no economic source, so they are very easy to get hooked.

Zeng Zeli: the first level is that they advertise online and offline, and lure victims to hook up at a high price. Then these people are some people who advertise. The second division of labor is the backstage personnel in the scalpers group who contact on the Internet. They contact to determine the transaction time, specific scores, transaction amount, etc.

After the early advertising and medium-term communication, fraud has entered the practical stage. At the same time, the art workers, the fourth level of the scalpers Gang, began to prepare to forge transfer pictures. At the same time, in order to hide peoples eyes and make it easy to escape, they also hired an online car Hailing driver.

Zeng Zeli: Ill tell you that the money has just turned around. Ill send you this screenshot. Normally, it will arrive in two hours. You can go back today. The first case is inexperienced, seeing that the screenshots are exactly the same as the real ones, and will not be suspicious and go away. The second one is not good. I havent received the money. I have to wait. In this case, the first reason is to get on the bus and leave the scene. The second is to invite some big five and big three rough people with deterrent appearance to scare you and say you want to find something, right? The money has been turned to you.

Its a small matter that the money hasnt been received. Zeng said that the scalpers usually drive to organize the salesmen to eliminate the points. In the process of handling, the salesmen are likely to suffer other illegal violations.

Zeng Zeli: in the process of handling, even our sellers may be infringed by other illegal forms. In the process of selling points, female college students are molested by other cattle and other related situations.

To admit that misfortune is to connive at cattle

Resist the temptation not to be a road killer accomplice

Zeng Zeli, a police officer, told the voice of China that it is difficult to investigate and deal with such cases. Because both the buyer and the seller have their own interests, their behaviors are also illegal. Even if they are cheated by scalpers, most people will choose to admit their bad luck after weighing the cost and benefit of safeguarding their rights.

Zeng Zeli: college students, as distributors, are sure to state relevant situations, but when we also need to punish the distributors, they say thats all right. I think its bad luck, and they will face such a situation.. Instead of saying that my selling points are OK, if you buy points, I will punish you or the scalpers will punish you. All three links are indispensable. He is not willing to cooperate. If the evidence of the three parties fails to point to each other, the case will not be solved. Even if I know that you are a scalper, but you have not been found by me to clearly show the illegal behavior, we really cant do with him

In addition, the law is lack of targeted laws for such acts, and the low cost of illegal elements is also a major difficulty for the police to handle cases. Zeng Zeli, a police officer, said that the basis and source of drivers license scoring is the regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle drivers license issued by the Ministry of public security, which can only be used as a management means of departmental rules and regulations, and can not be used to determine illegal acts through administrative and criminal means.

Zeng Zeli: our public security department retreats to seek the second place. We will investigate and deal with scalpers from the perspective of the public security management punishment law. Article 60 provides false testimony to interfere with and affect the law enforcement and handling of cases by public security organs. When you are dealing with traffic violations, the handler must ask if you drove the violation. The salesman will definitely say yes, you can deal with it. We define him as an abettor who provides false testimony

Zeng Zeli, a police officer, said that if the case is handled according to public security management, there will be another difficulty. The handling of public security cases needs to be completed within 24 hours, and the detaining party cannot exceed 24 hours.

Zeng Zeli: the time is very urgent. If the chain involved in the yellow cattle is very long, you must find these five or six people within 24 hours, and record the oral confession, as well as the relevant network data, mobile phone call records and chat records. Otherwise, as long as there is a line broken in the middle, the chain of your whole case will not be formed, and we will lose all our efforts This is also a big difficulty in the enforcement and handling of yellow cattle cases

In this regard, the police called on the majority of drivers to resist the temptation and actively call the police after being cheated to maintain a good road traffic order.

Zeng Zeli: maybe we choose silence in order to protect our own interests, which may contribute to the arrogance of these illegal profit-making groups and make them profit more and more, leading to more and more people being cheated, thus forming a vicious circle.

College students who sell points, have you ever thought that those drivers who have been deducted many times, or even their own points are not enough, and need to buy and distribute traffic illegal records, are originally road killers, and they have major security risks. Punishing them according to law is an important means for the law to safeguard the interests of all traffic participants and the interests of these drivers themselves. You are greedy for small profits, but in fact, you are conniving at this kind of illegal behavior, so that these road killers are not aware of their own mistakes. When the hidden danger eventually leads to catastrophe, ask yourself, are you also accomplices?

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