Haikou womens 640 yuan sign up for Qinghai Shuangfei 6-day tour died of altitude reaction

 Haikou womens 640 yuan sign up for Qinghai Shuangfei 6-day tour died of altitude reaction

On September 7 this year, Ms. Ding, 52, of Haikou, and other people signed up for a six-day trip to Qinghai Shuangfei, but died in time due to altitude response. The family members think that the travel agency should bear the responsibility and the two sides cannot reach a consensus on the amount of compensation. At present, although the provincial tourism department intervenes in mediating the compensation between the two sides, it has not yet investigated whether the travel agency is at fault, whether there are problems such as low price group and Yin-Yang contract.

Family members: died the next day after traveling to Qinghai

On September 7 this year, Ms. Ding, Mr. Qius cousin, was introduced by others to participate in a 6-day tour of Qinghai Shuangfei in the newspaper group of Hainan Huizhong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., at a cost of 640 yuan / person.

The collection invoice shows that the group fee is 640 yuan.

According to the introduction, at about 17:30 on September 8, Ms. Ding returned to the bus in the hotel station in Qinghai Lake scenic area, and had a sudden severe headache and vomiting, which was a relatively serious plateau reaction phenomenon. Ms. Ding bought oxygen on the bus at her own expense to relieve the symptoms. At that time, both the tour guide and the team leader were on the bus. Although they knew about it, they did not pay attention to it.

Mr. Qiu said that after returning to the hotel, his cousin had a rest in the hotel because of her discomfort. Until about 22:30 that night, when she got up to go to the toilet, she suddenly fainted and fell to the ground.

Mr. Qiu said that after her fainting, her cousin was sent to Heimahe township hospital for treatment. Due to the limited medical conditions of the hospital, the hospital could only send Ms. Ding to Huangyuan County Hospital of Xining city for treatment. At this time, her condition was very serious and she died on the way to the county hospital.

In addition, Mr. Qiu reflected that the invoice of the tour group Ms. Ding participated in was 640 yuan / person, but the contract was 1480 yuan, which belonged to low price group and Yin-Yang contract, and was not allowed.

The contract shows 1480 yuan / person for adults.

Travel Agency: tourists need to go back to their rooms to have a rest

And then fainted

The head of Hainan Huizhong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. said that the tourists were dizzy but did not vomit on the bus, and the symptoms were relieved after oxygen inhalation. When returning to the hotel, the tourists asked to go to the room to rest, and then let them go back to rest. Later, it was found that the tourists had fainted and had been sent to the hospital immediately.

As for the so-called low-cost group, it doesnt exist, because the company has bought a batch of airline tickets intensively, and if it doesnt promote sales, the travel agency will lose money.

As for the reminder of the group, the notice states that Qinghai belongs to the plateau altitude area, which may cause plateau reaction. There are also reminders and precautions. The ground guide also reminds and informs the precautions on the tour bus for many times.

The person in charge also said that after the accident, the travel agency cooperated with the bereaveds family members and successively went to the judicial office of the sub district office, the Provincial Bureau of letters and visits, the provincial tourism supervision bureau and other departments for coordination, but the two sides could not reach an agreement on the amount of compensation, so it was suggested to take judicial approach to solve the problem.

Department: if vomiting occurs, it is a serious high altitude reaction

Ms. Dings family members believe that the travel agencys fault has led to the death of people. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Tourism Supervision Bureau introduced that low-altitude tourists who go to high-altitude areas, regardless of their age and physical condition, will have certain altitude reactions such as dizziness and fatigue, which can be alleviated by oxygen inhalation. However, if Ms. Dings vomiting symptoms occur, they will It belongs to the serious plateau reaction, so we should go to the hospital in time. If the travel agency does not send tourists to the hospital in the first time or help tourists improve their physical condition, there is fault liability.

We havent investigated the real situation of Ms. Ding in Qinghai, and we cant make a conclusion about how much responsibility the travel agency bears. Relevant person in charge said.

In addition, when Ms. Ding signed the contract with the travel agency, the travel agency didnt show her a written safety reminder, so there was also the problem of poor service.

As for the violation of low price group and yin yang contract reported by Ms. Dings family members, the relevant person in charge of the provincial tourism supervision bureau said that the investigation should be conducted only after their family members show their written complaints and relevant evidence.

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