Chestnut Yiqi Jianpi, beauty and beauty eating also pay attention to!

 Chestnut Yiqi Jianpi, beauty and beauty eating also pay attention to!

In autumn and winter, many friends like to buy sugar fried chestnuts on the street. At this time, we must pay attention to health problems. The normal chestnut skin is dark brown and has no special luster. And a lot of selling sugar stir fried chestnuts are black and shiny, asking why they are coated with honey. Its a good thing if honey is applied, but if you touch the glossy chestnuts with your hands, there is no viscosity of honey and they are clear and smooth. Its likely that industrial paraffin is added in the process of frying. This kind of material has low cost and complex ingredients. Some people will put chestnuts in their mouths first and bite them open. Its harmful to their health if they eat them like this. In addition, it should be noted that the viscosity of Castanea mollissima increased after being stir fried with sugar in the sand, which will not only absorb the dust in the black sand, but also may be polluted by industrial paraffin. In order to reduce costs, some sellers even use sweeteners instead of sugar, so we must pay attention to the selection.

Finally, although chestnuts are good, they cant be eaten more. The heat of chestnuts is higher than that of other coarse grains. When we eat chestnuts, we must stop eating them. If we eat more chestnuts, its easy to bring burden to the stomach and intestines. Dont be greedy because the chestnuts are delicious. Pay attention to a balanced diet so that you can live a healthy life.

Ruan Guangfeng, director of the business department of Kexin food and nutrition information exchange center, is responsible for the scientific check.

Source: Peoples network editor in charge: Geng Yiwen ufe63 nj6040