Rumours of purchase restriction loosening in Beisan county have been dispelled, and there are still real estate projects that sell more than 300 sets in five days

 Rumours of purchase restriction loosening in Beisan county have been dispelled, and there are still real estate projects that sell more than 300 sets in five days

However, it is worth noting that Sanhe housing and construction department has denied the existence of the above policies for many times.

Photo by Xue Yufei, new longitude and latitude, in the exterior of Building 1, Dachang County, Hebei Province

Untie and limit purchase becomes a marketing tool

The property market of Beisan County, which has been quiet for a long time, has been broken by an unconfirmed document.

The document titled the spirit of participating in the meeting of the human resources bureau of the Development Zone on October 18 was released from Sanhe City, Langfang, Hebei Province on that day. The document shows that all employees of provincial units, universities and hospitals in Yanjiao (with unlimited household registration) or enterprises introduced in the name of Yanjiao high tech Zone have no housing in Yanjiao (including Sanhe City) and can buy a set of commercial housing (i.e. first-hand housing or new housing) in Yanjiao; move The cadres and employees of the sub central government and public institutions in Beijing will be subject to certain three restrictions, that is, strict restrictions on specific personnel, purchase of one set of housing, sales for three years and price limits.

Zhongxin Jingwei client called the relevant departments of Sanhe housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau on October 21. The staff said that the purchase restriction policy had not changed. Do not trust the online rumors. The official standard shall prevail. After that, many media received similar responses from relevant government departments of Sanhe City.

The official disinformation did not stop the spread of the news of relaxing the restrictions on purchase. Li Lin (pseudonym), a real estate agent in Yanjiao Town, told Zhongxin Jingwei that deregulation of the real estate market is a sure thing. Now several real estate projects in Yanjiao and Dachang have begun to sell houses to foreigners. Li Lin said a group of buyers of the Yudong JunJing project, developed by local developers, had recently passed the governments approval for purchase qualifications.

Zhongxin Jingweis reporter recently came to Yudong JunJings sales department in Yanjiao Town. When it was clear that there was no local social security and hukou, Lu Feng (pseudonym), the real estate consultant of the project, said that after the house buyer paid the down payment, the developer would submit the relevant information of the house buyer to the housing and construction department for review, and it would be about a month or two before it came down. As for what qualifications buyers need to meet to buy a house, Lu Feng said, there are no special conditions.

According to the above-mentioned online news, the working unit of the buyer needs to be employees of the provincial units, universities and hospitals in Yanjiao (with unlimited household registration) or enterprises introduced in the name of Yanjiao high tech Zone. But Li Lin said that as long as the property market purchase restriction policy is torn open, developers have ways to operate, such as cooperation with some enterprises that meet the requirements of the policy, by which they issue false work certificates, and buyers can pass the examination.

In addition, although the online news is a targeted relaxation of the real estate market in Yanjiao Town, it also has a stimulating effect on other areas of Beisan county. Yanjiao is going to relax, and other areas will be more relaxed, said a real estate agent

Several real estate consultants told Zhongxin Jingwei that relaxing the purchase restriction is a high probability event. According to the information they have, it will be officially implemented at the beginning of next year. Zhao Fang (pseudonym), a real estate consultant of the four seasons mansion project in Chaobai new town, Dachang County, said that buyers can pay down payment first and sign a contract with the real estate first. After the control is relaxed in January next year, they can sign online and make loans. Zhang Ming (pseudonym), a real estate consultant for the good morning Beijing project in Chaobai new town, said that the relaxation of regulation is basically certain. Now buyers can pay down payment first and wait for online signing in February next year.

Good morning Beijing photo by Xue Yufei

Zhongxin Jingwei client noticed that the main door of the Sales Department of good morning Beijing was closed, the buyers could only enter and exit from the side door, and the lighting equipment in the sales department was not opened. Zhang Ming said bluntly that after the news of relaxation of purchase restriction, the government was strictly checking the market speculation, and the Sales Department of some real estate projects had been shut down.

More than 300 units sold in 5 days

Zhongxin Jingweis reporter once visited the real estate market of Yanjiao Town, Dachang county and other places in September this year. At that time, the transaction volume of the real estate market in the two places shrank sharply. Compared with the previous peak, the house price generally decreased by 10000 yuan / m2, and some of the real estate prices were almost cut at a half price. Recently, however, the real estate market in Beisan county shows signs of recovery again. In the vicinity of some traffic arteries and popular real estate, the number of real estate brokers holding property promotion pages and soliciting passers-by to buy houses has increased significantly. In the project sales field, there are also many house watchers.

The four seasons mansion projects temporary sales market is not large, which gathered several waves of house watchers. Zhao Fang said that after the news of the loosening of the purchase restriction came out, the number of customers watching the house increased significantly. They recently opened two new buildings and have sold more than 300 sets since October 26. Zhao Fangs electronic sales control table showed to Zhongxin Jingwei reporter shows that most room numbers of a building have been marked red or yellow, which means that the house has been sold or locked by the buyer.

Photo by Xue Yufei, Zhongxin Jingwei

The temporary office space in the property center of Lujin sunshine city is also full of house watchers. Several tables and chairs can only be used by house watchers and brokers in turn. Wu Hao (pseudonym), a real estate consultant of the project, said that he received several waves of customers today. The project can provide two-year full payment installment at present, and will be adjusted to one-year full payment installment on November 1, which does not exclude the possibility of price increase in the future.

It is understood that since the three northern counties 2017 purchase policy was introduced, in order to sell houses to unqualified purchasers, local individual real estate will provide a one-year or two-year purchase by stages, and purchasers will need to pay three-year social security or personal tax in the local area, and then carry out online signing and transfer after the limited purchase conditions are met.

Now, in addition to the full payment installment still exists, good morning Beijing project, Lujin sunshine city and other properties also claim that if the rumors of loose purchase restriction fail to be implemented, the down payment of the buyer will be returned in full. Zhang Ming said that customers who bought the good morning Beijing project still pay in full installments, 30% first, and the rest in installments. After the policy is relaxed, customers can make loans and transfer. However, Zhang Ming said, customers need to make double preparations now. If the policy is not loose, there should be enough funds to pay for the rest.

However, there are risks. Before that, there were reports in many places that, in the case of a sharp rise in house prices, developers tore up the agreements with buyers that were not protected by law, and sold the houses to a third party with a sharp increase in price, which ultimately led to losses for buyers.

Although the number of new housing market customers increased significantly and the transaction volume also increased, the price did not change significantly. At the same time, the second-hand housing market has not been affected because the Internet news is only aimed at the new housing market.

Experts say it is possible to fine tune the deposit policy

According to the inventory report of 100 cities in China in the first half of 2019 issued by Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute, the digestion cycle of new house inventory in Yanjiao Town, Xianghe town and Dachang town is 31.7 months, 31.1 months and 29.6 months respectively, and the situation of de stocking is not optimistic. By August of this year, Yanjiaos inventory digestion cycle has further extended to 44 months.

Yan Yuejin, research director of think tank center of E-House Research Institute, told China New Zealand Jingwei client that the long period of decentralization around Beijing and Tianjin is not only because of the absolute high inventory, but also because of the very low absolute volume of new housing transactions. Taking Yanjiao Town as an example, the monthly turnover of Yanjiao Town from May to August this year is only 10000 square meters, which belongs to the city with very small trading volume of new houses. Therefore, even if the absolute inventory size is not large, the deconstruction cycle is still on the high side.

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, judged that the above-mentioned online news can be regarded as rumor basically, but objectively speaking, the control policy of three counties in the north is indeed too strict to play a role in easing Beijings population and non capital functions. In the future, under the background of housing without speculation, the probability of complete deregulation is zero, but it is possible to fine tune the policy by means of industry introduction and talent introduction. He also said that after more than two years of adjustment, the prices in Beisan county have become more reasonable.

Yan Yuejin also believes that housing prices in Yanjiao have been squeezed out of the bubble, in a relatively stable state, with the conditions for relaxation.

Photo by Xue Yufei, Zhongxin Jingwei, marketing center of some buildings on Yanshun Road, Yanjiao Town

Yanshun road is known as the sales Street of Yanjiao Town. It not only gathers the marketing center of the real estate in Yanjiao Town, but also the projects of Dachang and Xianghe. When the real estate market is hot, it is very busy here. In the evening, a reporter from China New Zealand Jingwei saw on Yan Shun Road that after more than two years of silence, some sales departments had lights on again, but he did not know how long the wave would last. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

Source: Zhongxin Jingwei editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu NF