Many countries and regions have issued tourism warnings to Hong Kong

 Many countries and regions have issued tourism warnings to Hong Kong

The anti revisionism in Hong Kong has lasted for more than four months. The tourism industry in Hong Kong has been severely damaged. Many countries and regions have issued tourism warnings to Hong Kong. Hong Zhongxing, general manager of programme and tourism product development of the Hong Kong Tourism Development Council, said recently that the Council has reduced overseas large-scale publicity, avoided promoting activities in warning areas of Hong Kong, and concentrated its promotion resources in neighboring areas of Hong Kong to attract existing tourists and Hong Kong citizens.

According to the reporter from NaNTU, due to a series of violent incidents in Hong Kong, the year-on-year drop in the number of visitors to Hong Kong has been increasing since July, and the number of countries and regions sending tourism tips to Hong Kong has increased to 40. Several major international events have announced the cancellation of Hong Kongs itinerary due to safety concerns, including the Hong Kong Cycling festival held in the fourth quarter of this year, the Hong Kong Wine and delicacy tour, and the formula race Hong Kong race held by the International Automobile Federation in the first quarter of next year.

The tourism industry is weak, making the catering industry a disaster area. According to the latest data released by the Statistics Department of the Hong Kong SAR government, the unemployment rate of Hong Kongs catering industry rose 6% from July to September, a new high in the past six years. It is reported that in July and August, 200 restaurants have completed business and dismissed employees.

According to Hong Kong media, the food festival Hong Kong feast in November hosted by Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau was held as scheduled this year, which ignited hope in many restaurants. It is reported that there are about 600 restaurants participating in this year, which has tripled the number of crowding grounds compared with last years 200, and 120 restaurants offer discounts as low as 70%.

Hong Zhongxing, general manager of programme and tourism product development of Hong Kong Tourism Development Council, said that the recent turmoil has had an impact on the overseas promotion work of Hong Kong Tourism Development Council. As a result, the number of large-scale advertising promotion has been reduced, and the overseas promotion work has also turned low-key. We have concentrated on the use of social media and the promotion of Hong Kong to neighboring areas, so as to avoid the promotion to countries and regions that have issued tourism warnings to Hong Kong. This year, we will focus on visiting and local tourists and encourage them to go out for meals.

In addition, as a result, the previous Hong Kong Wine and delicacy Tour was cancelled, and more than 30 liquor merchants under the Hong Kong Liquor Industry General Chamber of commerce were affected. Subsequently, the online platform launched by the Tourism Development Bureau called on liquor merchants to sell online at a discount of 10% to 25%. In the event of Hong Kong feast in November, the Tourism Development Bureau also opened a wine and delicacy Tour link for the affected liquor merchants.

Kuang Yingzhi, vice president of the Hong Kong Federation of wine industry, said that the festival atmosphere is strong from October to December every year, and the business volume of the catering industry is generally on the rise. However, due to the violence this year, the business volume of wine merchants is not on the rise but on the decline. Therefore, the chamber of Commerce needs to take measures to help itself, hoping to promote helping to make up livelihood with the help of the Tourism Development Bureau.

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