40 college students were sent back three words by the Ministry of education due to their absenteeism

 40 college students were sent back three words by the Ministry of education due to their absenteeism

We also said last year that we should let some students play games, sleep and fall in love every day go forever, Wu said

In the world, the graduation rate of colleges and universities is actually very low, and China is relatively high, but we have our own national conditions, which cannot be simply compared, he said. Even so, let all students into the school into the safety zone must graduate, this situation must be changed.

Now some students are not responsible for themselves, their parents or the society, so they should pay their own price.

Students were dropped out of school because of absenteeism

According to reports, on June 18 this year, the official website of Hebei Institute of Physical Education released a notice on the withdrawal of 40 students. But some students think its too rude for the school to drop out without permission, so they start to protect their rights.

According to the announcement, 40 students failed to participate in the teaching activities specified by the school for a long time, or failed to go back to school to apply for resumption or withdrawal due to the end of the rest semester. According to Article 49 of the regulations on the management of student status of Hebei Institute of Physical Education (Revised Version), they will be dismissed.

The announcement also noted: now it is announced through the website of the Academic Affairs Office of Hebei Institute of physical education, and 40 students are invited to go through the formalities of dropping out or raise objections before July 3, 2019.

If the student fails to go to the school for withdrawal or raises an objection within the announcement period, the school will withdraw 40 students on the next day after the announcement period, regardless of whether to go back to the school for relevant formalities.

One of the students who dropped out of school due to absenteeism said that he only knew he had been dropped out after receiving the wechat notice from the guide on June 26, but he didnt accept it, so he didnt go through the formalities for dropping out. He thought it was too rude for the school to drop out without permission.

Recently, 40 college students were dropped out of school because of their absenteeism, which caused a heated discussion.

To this, many netizens think: no rules, no square!

We should understand that the withdrawal of these 40 college students is in line with the rules and regulations as well as the procedural justice. It is unreasonable to put the responsibility on the school side. Regrettably, this event reflects the indifference of individual students in their learning attitude, which is a great irresponsibility to themselves. Moreover, individual students also lack basic knowledge of school rules and regulations. Perhaps it is because they are accustomed to being free and lax that they despise the notice of the school. Even though the dismissal notice has been officially released, individuals still feel that it is not their own fault, but the schools fault and the loss of the sense of rules that cause such a big trouble to themselves.

Although some students are still defending their rights, it is enough to teach them a profound lesson in life. No matter what you are doing when you leave the campus, you should not be a reason for being reckless and indulgent. In other words, how many people simply think that university is strict in and broad out, so they dont take learning seriously? The tone that equates college life with entertainment really needs a break.

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