Men become foreign spies and foreign female officials develop into lovers and are controlled

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Bribery, intimidation, seduction Overseas spy agencies steal confidential documents of Chinas military industry and expose the means of plotting against cadres (source: video synthesis)

Five years ago today, the anti espionage law of the peoples Republic of China came into force. In 2017, the detailed rules for the implementation of the anti espionage law of the peoples Republic of China was promulgated and implemented. In the past five years, under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the state security organs have thoroughly implemented the overall national security concept, strictly implemented relevant special laws and regulations, and persisted in the combination of prevention, suppression and punishment in the counterespionage struggle, thus effectively safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. However, with China approaching the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as never before, the infiltration and counter campaign of overseas spy and intelligence agencies and the activities of information theft are more rampant, with all kinds of means, seriously endangering our national security.

In the activities of infiltration and conspiracy against China and information theft, the overseas spy intelligence agencies, aiming at the party and government organs of China, try their best to win over the conspiracy against China, spy on the core secrets of domestic and foreign affairs, and also attempt to cultivate internal forces within the regime of China and threaten Chinas political security. The military and military industrial enterprises, national defense research institutes and private enterprises involved in the military are also the key penetration targets of overseas spy and intelligence agencies. They use various means to steal confidential information such as national defense and military, weapons and equipment, and threaten our military security. At the same time, overseas spy intelligence agencies and some non-state actors are increasingly penetrating into Chinas economy, science and technology, finance, energy, resources, geography and other fields. They steal information from Chinas economic decision-making, industrial policy, cutting-edge science and technology, and threaten Chinas economic security by means of counter development, commercial bribery, investigation and consultation. In addition, the overseas spy intelligence agencies take the overseas institutions, Chinese funded enterprises, overseas study groups and overseas groups as their targets, and adopt various means to carry out counter-measures, such as the trick of entrapment, malicious law enforcement, violent coercion, flexible coercion, etc., which cause serious harm to the personal safety of Chinese citizens. In addition, the overseas spy intelligence agencies also cover the Internet in the name of job recruitment, academic research, business cooperation, dating, marriage and so on, tricking and hooking up Chinese social personnel and even school students to steal and sell state secrets, and use the network attack technology to carry out network attacks on key departments in China, control key information systems, and steal a large number of confidential letters It is harmful to the network information security of our country.

No time for stealing and selling confidential documents of military industry

In the past five years, the national security organs have continuously strengthened their professional fighting ability and conducted tit for tat competitions with foreign spy and intelligence organs on the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, successfully breaking a number of major spy cases. Chen Wei, a network administrator of a military research institute in China, was arrested by the state security organs for providing secret related documents of military industry to overseas spy intelligence agencies.

u25b3 Chen Wei under investigation

Chen Wei, born in 1985, was a network administrator of a company affiliated to a military research institute in China. As the Institute is engaged in the research and development of important equipment parts in China and belongs to the core secret related unit, Chen Wei, who is responsible for the internal network maintenance of the unit, has access to the secret related documents.

u25b3 video of Chen Weis meeting with foreign technical experts

In 2011, Chen Wei ran into a foreigner who called himself Peter at the door of the company. Peter said that he is a technical expert and the purpose of his visit to China is to buy some technical materials. Then, under the temptation of high reward, Chen Wei began to provide information to Peter. In the early days, Chen Wei just collected some public information from the Internet and provided it to the other party. Later, in order to get a higher reward, Chen Wei began to focus on the intranet of his unit. With the convenience and authority of working in network management, he easily stole a large number of internal classified documents and provided them to Peter.

The deeper the mire of unrepentant crime gets

With the increasing number of stolen documents and the increasing level of confidentiality, Chen Wei, who thinks he has found a way to make money, gradually realizes that Peter is not an ordinary technical expert, but a spy, and Chen Wei, who is scared, proposes to terminate the cooperation with him. However, Peter took the information previously provided by Chen Wei as the handle and threatened him to continue to provide classified information.

Investigator of the national security organ: the other side is a professional. After a few brief contacts with Chen Wei, he made an accurate grasp of his character, which is weak and indecisive, and does not know how to refuse others. He also expected that Chen Wei would not refuse him first, and he must not dare to speak up second.

Only then did Chen Wei realize that he had embarked on a road of no return but a starting point and no ending point. However, Chen Wei still failed to repent and voluntarily surrendered to the national security organs. Instead, he fell deeper and deeper into the mire of crime.

Investigators of state security organs: its very common for overseas spies and intelligence organs to use intimidation. But its certain that in the territory of the peoples Republic of China, they didnt, dont, and will never be allowed by the state security organs to act recklessly, endangering the personal safety of Chinese citizens.

Its a pity that Chen Wei didnt know this at that time. After that, under the pressure of Peter, Chen Wei continued to steal a large number of classified materials through the units intranet. In 2014, Chen Wei, who lives in fear all day, resigned from the company. In March 2015, after careful reconnaissance, Beijing Municipal State Security Bureau arrested Chen Wei.

u25b3 Chen Wei expresses his regret

Criminal Chen Wei: at that time, I regretted it very much. Until I was going to be a father, I began to plan to leave the company and not touch any secret things. Even if he threatened me and forced me again, I would not get any secret things for him again.

According to the investigation, Chen Wei stole and provided more than 5500 documents of the scientific research institute to the overseas spy intelligence agencies, including 146 classified documents, 1753 classified documents and a large number of other internal documents. In March 2019, the second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing sentenced Chen Wei to life imprisonment for espionage and deprivation of political rights for life.

u25b3 Chen Wei expresses his regret

Criminal Chen Wei: I dont think Im a man. I always choose to escape and hide, but I dare not face these problems head-on. If I realize my faults earlier and go to the national security organ to surrender myself, maybe the loss can be reduced a little.

Knowingly commit crimes and gradually become foreign spies

In addition to soliciting the personnel of domestic secret related units, the personnel stationed abroad are also the targets of foreign spy and intelligence agencies. Zhang Xiangbin, a cadre of a ministry in China who is resident in a certain country, was drawn to act as a spy for foreign spy intelligence agencies.

u25b3 Zhang Xiangbin was seized by the investigators of the state security organs

Zhang Xiangbin, born in 1970 and just out of University in 1992, has been engaged in foreign language translation in a Ministry of our country. In 1996, Zhang Xiangbin was appointed by the organization to stay in a certain country. During his stay abroad, he met a person who claimed to be the Ministry of foreign affairs of that country. Their real identity, however, is that of the countrys spy intelligence service.

In the exchange, a and others often help Zhang Xiangbin to improve his foreign language translation level, but also take the initiative to help solve the difficulties in his work and life. Gradually, Zhang Xiangbin and these foreign personnel changed from official contact to secret contact.

u25b3 criminal evidence of Zhang Xiangbin

Subsequently, the foreign personnel, with high reward as the temptation, asked Zhang Xiangbin to provide information through arbitrage and demand. Knowing the other partys attempt, Zhang Xiangbin still ignored the law and discipline and promised to act as a spy for the other party. Over the past few years, he has provided dozens of documents related to Chinas domestic and foreign affairs, including 14 documents of top secret and secret level. During his stay abroad, Zhang Xiangbin ignored the requirements of discipline and style, went whoring for many times, kept improper relations with many foreign women, even developed a lover relationship with female government officials of the country and gave birth to two illegitimate children, which left behind the control and application of spy intelligence agencies of the country.

In 2008, Zhang Xiangbin resigned from the company. Before resigning, he collected a large number of documents from office computers and internal office networks and illegally carried them abroad. It is found that there are 5200 documents and materials in Zhang Xiangbins personal computer and other storage media, including 59 with the top secret level, 848 with the secret level and 541 with the secret level. In 2016, the National Security Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region solved the case.

u25b3 case handling personnel read out laws and regulations to Zhang Xiangbin and executed detention

Case handlers of the national security organs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: according to Article 80 of the criminal procedure law of the peoples Republic of China, Zhang Xiangbin, the criminal suspect, is detained.

u25b3 Zhang Xiangbin confessed to his crime

Criminal Zhang Xiangbin: which organization, which individual, let me on the trap, I am desperately looking for. I think the first part of my own mistakes and crimes is to provide written materials, and the second part is to disclose state secrets orally.

In February 2019, Zhang Xiangbin was sentenced to death by the first trial of Baise intermediate peoples court for the crime of espionage and illegal acquisition of state secrets, with a two-year reprieve.

Use his position to sell secret information and get punished

Qiu Degui, who was born in 1990, worked in the Propaganda Department of a coastal county Party committee before the crime. Because he had access to some internal materials in his work, he sold the classified materials for only ten thousand yuan of benefits and embarked on the road of crime.

This young man is Qiu Degui, who used to be a reporter of the online publicity Center of the Propaganda Department of a county Party committee. During his work, Qiu Degui would log in to the work mailbox of the unit to search for the news materials sent by each township. Once, when he logged in to the mailbox, Qiu Degui found something unusual.

Criminal Qiu Degui: at that time, I found some emails in the mailbox at the beginning. I thought it was spam. Once I clicked on it and saw it for the first time. Could you provide some local negative information and news materials? I sent one of these emails to me. I didnt reply to him for the first time. Almost a week later, I wrote back to him and said you can contact me Personal email address of.

u25b3 Qiu Degui tells the story

Criminal Qiu Degui: the reward ranges from 100 yuan, 1000 yuan or even 10000 yuan. He replied to me, and then I asked him what kind of materials you probably need. He said that there were no specific materials. You can send them to me to have a look. For the first time, I found some negative news from Baidu, similar to some domestic fights, fights, murders (etc.) to him.

u25b3 documents and materials illegally provided by Qiu Degui

However, after receiving the email, the other party replied that Qiu Deguis news search from the Internet was useless, and what the other party needed was the documents of the unit. In the Internet world, Qiu Degui finally provided the other party with a batch of internal documents and materials of the Publicity Department of the county Party committee through copying and remaking according to the requirements of the other party and taking advantage of his position, and received a total reward of more than 11000 yuan. In fact, the real identity of the person who contacted Qiu Degui by email was a member of a military information department overseas. According to the identification, one of Qiu Deguis illegal documents is classified as confidential and five are classified as confidential.

In June 2018, Qiu Degui was sentenced to four years imprisonment and one years deprivation of political rights for the crime of illegally providing state secrets abroad.

On the fifth anniversary of the implementation of the anti espionage law, a number of major espionage cases have been successfully solved

In the five years since the implementation of the anti espionage law, the state security organs have adhered to the combination of public work and secret work, the combination of specialized work and the mass line, and actively performed the sacred duties entrusted by the law, achieving important results.

u25b3 investigators arrest suspects

In the past five years, the state security organs have successfully cracked a number of major espionage cases, dug out the internal traitors planted by the enemy, cut off the channels of information stealing by the enemy, smashed the information networks that the enemy had planned to build, prevented the harm from expanding, and severely punished a number of espionage criminals with serious crimes according to law. For Chinese citizens who have been cheated or coerced to engage in espionage and intelligence activities, and who can actively and thoroughly explain problems and confess guilt and repentance, especially for those who have gone astray among college students, overseas students and young Internet users, the state security organs have persisted in education as the main and punishment as the auxiliary, alerted a number of people and saved a number of them, reflecting the partys consistent way of punishing the past, avoiding the future and treating the sick and saving the people The legal policy of Combining Leniency with strictness shows the brilliance of human nature of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Over the past five years, all units and the people have significantly improved their awareness of the enemys situation and their ability to prevent it. They have actively reported the clues of espionage crimes to the state security organs, and actively cooperated with the state security organs in law enforcement and case handling. In particular, in some areas with complex enemy situations, a pattern of counter espionage struggle has been formed, in which special groups are combined and jointly controlled. At the same time, the national security organ moved forward the defense line, and directed relevant units to learn lessons, improve systems, plug loopholes, and promote the continuous improvement of the anti espionage security system in view of the loopholes in the management of personnel going abroad, foreign affairs work, classified personnel, documents and data, network security management and other aspects of the units involved.

u25b3 national security organs handle cases according to law

Everyone participates in the fight against espionage in the new era

To win the peoples war against espionage in the new era, everyone must be conscious, responsible and contribute. If citizens and organizations find any act endangering national security, please call 12339 national security organ to accept the report of citizens and organizations, or log in the Internet Report acceptance platform of national security organ to report.

Telephone number of national security organs accepting reports from citizens and organizations: 12339

Internet Report acceptance platform of national security organ: