Without Luo Yonghaos nut mobile phone, there is more privilege of byte beating

 Without Luo Yonghaos nut mobile phone, there is more privilege of byte beating

Li Zhen Liang

Without Luo Yonghao, the laughter is much less. It is no longer a cross talk worth buying tickets.

The first conference of nut mobile phone without Luo Yonghao.

On the evening of October 31, byte beat released nut Pro3 in Beijing, more than 14 months after the last nut mobile phone release. On August 20, 2018, hammer technology released the last mobile phone, the nut mobile phone pro2s. The main character of the last conference was Luo Yonghao. Tickets for the conference will be sold. On the way to the conference hall, scalpers will sell tickets to passers-by.

Todays nut mobile phone conference, there is no Luo Yonghao, no tickets, no scalpers. The new nut cell phones have become low-key in the promotion of preheating. Everything is in accordance with the opposite style of Luo Yonghao. At the scene of the conference, Zhu Xiaomu, a former hammer technology executive and founder of ferro electronic cigarette, also came to the scene.

All these are sending a signal to people that many changes will take place from hammer technology to byte beating nut mobile phones, and gradually fade Luo Yonghaos imprint.

At the beginning of the conference, Wu Dezhou, President of Xinshi laboratory, came to the center of the stage. The new stone lab is the new name for the nut mobile team. Previously, Wu Dezhous title was CTO of hammer technology.

I know youre a little bit out of place, he said in his opening remarks, because there was another person coming up from under the stage, a little fat, a little burly.

In order to cooperate with nut mobile phone to return to the Jianghu, PPT also put a picture of sailing. Wu Dezhou played a provocative card: many friends said that you are not in the Jianghu, but the Jianghu has not forgotten you. In fact, we never left, but there was no press conference for a while. However, he said the last sentence, but there was a laugh under the stage. When Wu Dezhou said how to name a new mobile phone, there were people on the stage saying shake voice mobile phone.

In the specific explanation of mobile phone design, Fang Chi, who is a nut mobile phone designer, introduced this link according to the Convention. And the design of the new machine is not the style Luo Yonghao likes. Before the conference, he also sent micro-blog Tucao, saying I will not buy, because system advertising and Bug more, but also copied the popular bathing tyrant.

As expected, the nut mobile phone actually adopts the inverted L type bath bar design in the green and black models, with four cameras arranged in inverted L-type, and the flash lamp in straight strip shape, forming a square. But in the white version, there is no Yuba design. Three cameras are arranged in a long strip. The other camera is arranged separately with the flash and camera information on the right side.

The previous generation of nut mobile phone is still a post two camera. Nut Pro3 spans three cameras and directly uses a post four camera, which is also the current mainstream configuration of flagship phones. The rear main camera is 48 million pixels, and the other three 13 million ultra wide angle, 8 million long focus, and 5 million macro lenses. The new machine supports two-way video shooting, with front and rear cameras shooting at the same time and real-time editing.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that nuts have introduced green in mobile phone color matching. The iPhone 11 series, released this fall, has a new midnight green color, with midnight green iPhone 11 promax and green iPhone 11 becoming the most popular new Apple devices. Since then, the number of green mobile phones has gradually increased. The logo of the new phone is not in the center of the backplane as before, but on the lower right side. The logo position also increases the breathing light. When charging and calling, it will flash at the frequency of 17 times per minute.

Nut Pro3 is equipped with snapdragon 855plus, with the maximum memory of 12g + 256g, supporting 4000 Ma power. The starting price (8g + 128G version) is 2899 yuan, and the highest price (12g + 256g version) is 3599 yuan. During the double 11 period, the original price was reduced by 200 yuan. At around 9:35 p.m., Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of nut mobile phone, announced that it will be available at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Besides tmall, Jingdong and Suning, hammer mall will also sell the new machine.

This is the first new product that the nut mobile phone team comes to byte beat, which is also convenient. Nut Pro3 uses byte algorithm, supports intelligent distortion correction based on face protection, and can repair the distortion of each persons face shape when taking group photos. In addition, it can share special effects with buffeting, unlimited in number and duration, and can be updated in real time, which is also a privilege under the banner of byte skipping.

Surprisingly, Zhu Haizhou revealed that TNT will also be listed in the future, and TNT project will not be abandoned, instead, more resources will be invested in R & D.

In 2018, hammer technology released the nut TNT workstation. The product has been controversial since it was released, and the time to market has been delayed. Zhu Haizhou also said: TNT is a tumor in my heart. Before TNT, I came to hammer technology. After TNT, I experienced the most ups and downs of my career experience.

He said that currently TNT is still in the process of improvement and will support sharing mode. No further details were revealed at the scene.

From the scene, there is a lot less laughter without Luo Yonghao. Although the overall atmosphere is not bad, it is no longer a cross talk worth buying tickets. However, in many aspects, the new machine design still retains the style of Luo Yonghao era, such as the original logo can be preserved, the mobile phone appearance emphasizes the sense of industrial design, and the rare white color matching in the current mobile phone industry also continues.

The new machine is released before the double 11, which may take the opportunity to reap a wave of sales, but the situation in front of the new nut machine is very serious. Domestic market is still declining, Matthew effect is very obvious, huami ov Apple accounted for more than 90% of the share. Moreover, due to Huaweis increase in domestic market, Xiaomi, OV and apple all fell sharply in domestic market.

As a small factory, it is bound to be very difficult to return to the nuts of the mobile phone market. Luo Yonghao failed to solve the problem of sales volume, byte beat and restart of new stone laboratory, can we achieve a breakthrough?

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