Disclosure of investigation contents of the case of Shiyue

 Disclosure of investigation contents of the case of Shiyue

In the event of a disaster, in order to protect peoples lives and minimize the number of victims, the most rapid rescue measures should have been taken, which is the first priority of the government, the task force said. However, at the time of the (Shiyue) tragedy, there was a delay in the search and rescue of most of the passengers in distress, as well as in the follow-up response measures. Many people questioned whether the state and relevant authorities fulfilled their respective responsibilities in the process of accident search and rescue, and we thought it necessary to investigate the search and rescue process.

The third student a who was found and rescued in the victims of the world Vietnam tragedy became the main focus of this publication. According to the investigation of the special investigation commission, the third victim was found at 5:24 p.m. on the day of the incident, six hours after the second victim was found (the second victim was found at 11:40 a.m.).

The task force accused that the helicopter search and rescue did not fully implement the search and rescue task. According to the situation report at that time released by the marine police of mupu, South Korea, 11 helicopters and 17 aircrafts were put into search and rescue. However, after checking the video data, it was found that the vast majority of helicopters stayed in pengmu port for standby, and none of the helicopters for on-site search and rescue were available, while a few helicopters that had arrived at the scene were not used for the search and rescue and transfer of the victims It is used for the transport of officers of the marine police.

Among the victims, the third student a who was found could take a helicopter to the hospital in time after being found, which only took about 20 minutes. However, after being found, student a was moved to a different ship three times, until it took 4 hours and 41 minutes to be transferred to the hospital, and finally died. The Special Investigation Committee stressed that if student a is sent to the hospital in time after being found, it can be fully determined that TA may not lose his life. According to the survey, student a had at least three opportunities to take a helicopter in the process of being rescued. During that time, three helicopters arrived at the scene, but three helicopters carried the then director of the West Sea marine police department and the then director of the marine police department directly back.

In addition, the task force said it is expected to continue to carry out additional investigations into the Shiyue Massacre and request the police to investigate if criminal acts are found.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027