Dont die! a girl with a heart attack cries when she rescues a patient

 Dont die! a girl with a heart attack cries when she rescues a patient

October 27th

On the platform of Jinan West Railway Station

A college student suddenly fell to the ground

A woman passing by

Rush to the first aid from the next platform

Whats moving is

Women cry while pressing first aid

Yell at him to hold on

Hes so young,

I cant let him fall at the last minute

Learn afterwards

The girls name is Peng Cuicui from Zaozhuang, Shandong Province

Worked as an emergency nurse in cardiology department for 8 years

More than 4:00 p.m. on the 27th

Peng Cuicui is on a business trip from Shanghai to visit her family in Jinan

She has a nine minute transfer at Jinan west station

Just as she was walking from the second floor to the first floor platform

I saw a college student falling down on the platform next door


Eight years of first aid experience tell her

Its either an epileptic attack or a cardiac arrest.

She didnt delay a second

Now, throw the box to the platform staff nearby

Pull up another staff member

Run for College Students

I didnt care about talking or explaining.

Run to college students

Found him convulsing all the time

Peng Cuicui quickly asks the platform staff

Help to hold down College Students

Press his hand on his masseter

Prevent him from biting his tongue

After that, the station staff helped to find hard things

Put it in the mouth of college students, Peng Cuicui breathes a sigh of relief

As long as he gets to the ambulance, theres help

Theres no danger to life

Little does one think

The situation of the young man has changed dramaticallyu2014u2014

His face suddenly changed from red to white

Slow breathing, cardiac arrest

Peng Cuicui immediately stepped on him and began to press

Pressing and crying for him

How long has it been pressed

Peng Cuicui cant remember

Remember when the boys heart was beating again

After recovery of spontaneous breathing

She didnt even have lunch

Sit on the ground

We should have seen a lot of such first aid scenes,

Why did you cry?

This is also the question of many netizens

Peng Cuicui said

Very calm at first

Ive seen too many of these in eight years of medical experience

But its been a little flustered since college students had cardiac arrest

After all, when I was in the hospital

Professional equipment, professional doctors

But then I had nothing but myself.

She said

At that time, as I pressed it, I thought, Ive worked hard for so long, 120 will come soon, you cant give up.

Im a mother, too,

Hes so young,

I cant let him fall at the last minute.

120 after the arrival of first aid personnel

Peng Cuicui leaves quietly when she sees the stable situation of College Students

Continue your journey

Peng Cuicui

It is worth mentioning that

This strange college student

Not the only one Peng Cuicui helped on this trip

On the high-speed railway from Shanghai to Jinan West

A pregnant woman is not feeling well

Listen to the radio call for medical staff

Peng Cuicui arrives at the carriage where the pregnant woman is

To help her ease her discomfort

Good tears are more precious than diamonds

On the afternoon of the 30th, the reporter contacted Xiao Xu, a 19-year-old student. He said that his health was no longer in serious trouble and expressed his gratitude to Peng Cuicui.


Its beautiful how you cry to save people

Your tears with kindness and compassion

More precious than diamonds

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