I won the Nobel prize but I cant cure your cancer!

 I won the Nobel prize but I cant cure your cancer!

William Kelling, an American physician, is the winner of this years Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. Recently, he came to Shanghai to participate in the second world top scientists forum.

Learning scum won the Nobel Prize

William Kailin was born in New York on November 23, 1957. He received his bachelors degree in chemistry from Duke University at the age of 22, then his doctors degree in medicine from Duke University. At the age of 61, he won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

William Kelling (data)

Looking at his resume, many people may think that William Kellings career in scientific research is a smooth one, but it is not. When Dr. William Kelling was working in the university laboratory, he was boring and did unimportant and boring experiments. The tutor said that his research project may never be fruitful, and even commented on his report card: Mr. Kailins future is not in the laboratory, but outside the laboratory.

The hardest part is to focus on your field

When asked about his expectation for the second world top scientists forum, Dr. William Kelling said that he was most excited to meet young scientists and expected to give them some opinions and suggestions.

Every scientist dreams of winning the Nobel prize one day, but the hardest thing is to focus on his field, said Dr. William Kelling. I hope our research will help us to explore the truth. Scientists, artists and educators should share their views with the world.

I won the prize with my wife

William Kelling, 61, was asleep at 4:50 a.m. local time when he received a call for the Nobel Prize and sent an instant photo of himself to the Nobel Prize authorities. The woman in the picture behind him is his dead wife Caroline.

Caroline was an outstanding breast cancer surgery expert and the youngest female executive at Harvard Medical School Affiliated Hospital at that time. However, with her career booming, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42.

During his wifes illness, Dr. Kailin took care of and accompanied his wife to fight against the disease. Dr. Kailin did not stop the research on cancer and produced high-speed results, hoping to apply them to his wife and help her recover as soon as possible. In 2015, however, Caroline left the world forever.

Four years after his wifes death, Dr. Kailin, who has studied cancer for a lifetime, won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2019 for his research on the mechanism of cell perception and adaptation to oxygen change. Dr. William Kelling said the photo was taken to tell the world that my wife and I won the prize together.

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