Taipei act in response to Taiwans disconnection? America is sinking into Taiwan again

 Taipei act in response to Taiwans disconnection? America is sinking into Taiwan again

During the deliberation of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, the green camp in Taiwan was in a high mood, calling it another substantive action of warming up relations between Taiwan and the US. There are two kinds of people who say this. One is a professional politician, who is always performing, ostensibly cheering, and counting votes in his heart. The other is the muddleheaded. They are really happy and believe that the United States is safeguarding Taiwans interests.

In recent years, the United States has introduced a series of bills related to Taiwan. In 2016, it reaffirmed that the law on relations with Taiwan and the six guarantees are the basis of the US Taiwan Relations, passed the Taiwan Security Law in 2017, passed the Taiwan Travel Law in 2018, passed the Taiwan Defense Assessment Commission law and Taiwan International Participation law The great method of protecting the platform is endless. But the question is, which bill has helped Taiwan in substance?

People of insight have long found that the Taiwan related bills in the United States have a common feature: the benefits are not real. Take Taipei bill for example. It is not an administrative order. It has no actual binding force. How and to what extent is it implemented? The elastic belt is completely in the hands of the U.S. government. To put it bluntly, the so-called Taipei bill is at best nothing. The series of Taiwan related bills in the United States should not be used in vain except for letting the DPP authorities Hey up and buying a pile of American expensive waste weapons.

The one China principle is a general consensus of the international community. On this issue, the United States itself has expressed its position more than once. But now, for other sovereign countries that want to establish diplomatic relations with China, the United States is trying to intimidate and brutally intervene and engage in political bullying. What is the double standard? The Taiwan card of the United States has been unreasonable enough to justify itself. Just ask, there are 180 countries in the world that have established diplomatic relations with China. How does the United States plan to not play with you? To this end, the foreign ministrys response is straightforward - its unreasonable and contradictory.

Taipei bill cant even agree with the basic logic, and the intention behind it is the same as other Taiwan related bills in the United States - as long as we can play the Taiwan card to contain China, where can we care about justice? There will always be only one concern of the United States, that is, the interests of the United States. As for whether Taiwan will benefit or suffer, the United States will not pay attention to it.

By the United States as a pawn, the Taiwan authorities are happy, take the initiative to give up. Tsai English kowtow that the U.S. move strengthens our confidence.. If Cais authority really inflates its confidence, it will be quite dangerous. Since Tsai ing Wen came to power, the confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait has been rising and the hostility between the two sides has been aroused. Now Uncle Sam is fanning the flames. If the Taiwan authorities are confident that they have a foothold, the cross-strait policy may become more and more aggressive, making the cross-strait relations, which are on the brink of danger, even more tense.

The two sides of the Taiwan Straits are a family connected by destiny. Only when the relations between the two sides are good can Taiwan be good. Taiwan authorities hype mainland threat and unite with the United States to resist China, but they do not know that Taiwan independence is the biggest threat to cross strait relations and peace in the Taiwan Strait. If Taiwan authorities are led to the fire pit by the nose of the United States, they think its a good idea. Their future is in danger. The Taiwan issue is Chinas core interest. It is futile for the United States to hope to play the Taiwan card to force China to make concessions.

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