Its too violent to fight and splash blood at the meeting and hold a screaming chicken forum

 Its too violent to fight and splash blood at the meeting and hold a screaming chicken forum

[global network comprehensive report] there was another scene of hand to hand violence in the island forum, and members of the Kuomintang even bled in the physical conflict. Before the meeting of Taiwans Kaohsiung City Council on the 31st, members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) seized the rostrum with props such as screeching chicken, making the forum full of screeching sound, intending to make the proceedings impossible. After the members of the Kuomintang entered the arena, there was a physical conflict between the two sides. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is the violent party, the blue camp legislator who bled in the conflict later criticized.

Physical conflict in Kaohsiung City Council on October 31 (screenshot of Taiwan media)

According to Taiwans Lianhe news network and Zhongshi electronic news, the Kaohsiung Municipal Council held a general inquiry on the morning of October 31, and delivered the municipal governments budget for review in the afternoon. In the afternoon, green camp members such as DPP and time power took advantage of Mayor Han Guoyu of Kaohsiung to ask for leave and threatened to boycott (boycott) the budget. Before the beginning of the report, they still occupied the rostrum. A group of people with slogans and screaming chickens were also pressed. The whole conference hall was full of screaming voices.

Green camp councillor pinches screeching chicken in the Forum (screenshot of Taiwan media)

According to the report, DPP City councillors just cant hold the meeting, and they also block the passageways on both sides of the rostrum with chairs, so that many Kaohsiung city government officials dont have chairs to sit on. They also take Korean Yu human shaped plaque to the rostrum, and dont allow acting mayor Ye Kuang Shi to report. When ye Kuangshi entered the forum, members of the Democratic Progressive Party shouted loudly, and some members of the power of the times also came to the rostrum.

Members of green camp put on props insulting South Korean Yu in the Forum (photo source: Taiwan media)

After about 20 minutes, members of the Kuomintang regiment entered the forum together, and then there was a physical conflict between the blue and green sides. Lu Shumei, deputy speaker of Kaohsiung City Council, who presided over the meeting, warned on the spot that members of the Democratic Progressive Party and the power of the times violated the rules of procedure.

The video of Kaohsiung City Council recorded the behavior of green camp members who seriously violated the order of the meeting during this period: when the staff read rule 71 of the rules of procedure and Lu Shumei warned the green camp members that they had violated the rules of procedure, they still shouted and whispered in the scene. Even when Lu Shumei said please respect yourself, please go back to your seat and sit well, a green camp The congressman still took out the screaming chicken and pinched it for provocation.

Green camp councillor takes out scream chicken provocation (video screenshot of Kaohsiung City Council even if streaming)

It is obvious that Lu Shumeis warning to the green camp members did not work. The blue and green members at the scene then formed a group to pull, push and fight.

KMT congressman Liu Delin was also broken in the course of the conflict, bleeding on the spot.

Liu Delins bloody Forum (screenshot of Taiwan media)

But violence has not stopped. Lu Shumei used the police power at 15:35 p.m. to ask the guards to separate the two sides. However, the blue and green members are still not separated, and even the DPP female members cling to the edge of the rostrum and lie half on it.

DPP Kaohsiung city councillor lies dead on the rostrum (screenshot of Kaohsiung City Council even if it flows in a stream)

Lu Shumei can only rush into the rostrum, relying on the KMT members and the Secretary General of the parliament to deliver the mallet for deliberation. Its not easy to knock the mallet around 3:37 to announce the meeting, but the rostrum is still tangled. Lu Shumei has to knock the mallet at 3:40 to announce a ten minute break. This mallet is still taken up for deliberation and knocked on his hand.

Lu Shumei holds the mallet board and knocks it to suspend the meeting

At the end of the meeting, Liu Delin, a member of the KMT who hung the lottery, was sent to the hospital to have five stitches sewn. Another female member of the Democratic Progressive Party was sent to the hospital for concussion. Lius right eyebrow was still bleeding when he was interviewed by Taiwan media. He said he didnt know who hit him, and criticized the DPP for taking violence when the number of people was high and when the number was low. He also complained that personal injuries were small, but the Democratic palace was defiled, which was unacceptable.

Liu Delin receives a visit from Taiwan media outside the Forum (screenshot of Taiwan media)

After the farce of Kaohsiung City Council on the 31st, many people expressed their disappointment at the so-called democracy in the island. It has been concluded that in every election in Taiwan, a party engages in conflict by any means, and the election is ugly. Why does society always allow such a party that cant afford to lose to succeed again and again?

There are also people who scold green camp, saying that for them, democracy = show.

It is also said that when the number of people on the island is small, there will be trouble. When the number of people is large, a forced vote will be made. In any case, it is to win by dominating. Taiwans gangsters have come here for 20 years.. Some people also said that even if South Korean Yu was in the forum, these green camp members would not have a good deliberation; Lai Qingde, the former mayor of Tainan, had not been in Parliament for more than 200 days, and what is the standard of green camp


Some people criticize the DPP for its idiots, which are thugs with many evils and clowns like to show off.

Some people also said that it was not easy to beat councillor Liu, the Democratic Progressive Party is a violent party! lets take the Democratic Progressive party off the shelves with our votes!

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