China surpasses the U.S. Department of defense in many high-tech fields

 China surpasses the U.S. Department of defense in many high-tech fields

[Global Times - global network report] on September 29, an official in charge of science and technology innovation of the US Department of Defense said that China has caught up with or even surpassed the US in many high-tech fields, and will have an impact on the US national defense, so the US should take active measures to limit the transfer of technology to China. Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, said at a regular press conference on the 31st that China has made progress in some high-tech fields, but China is clear-minded about its own level of development. We hope that some people in the United States do not need to be humble, but do not want to win over China.

Wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, tuyuan: Official Website of the Ministry of national defense

Wu Qian stressed that in the field of high and new technology, China has always adhered to the principle of independence, self-reliance and independent innovation, and no one or force can contain Chinas development and growth.

China has overtaken the United States in high-tech fields such as hypersonic and face recognition, Michael Brown, director of the innovation experiment group of the U.S. Department of defense, said at a seminar on how to control technology transfer to China Tuesday. Brown said that the fundamental competition between the United States and China in the future is the competition of science and technology. Chinas series of plans have an impact on U.S. national defense, because national security and economic security are closely linked.

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