Daily Yile: you lied to me that there was no traffic jam on the two eight bars? Obviously, its better to have a car

 Daily Yile: you lied to me that there was no traffic jam on the two eight bars? Obviously, its better to have a car

The staff didnt see it, did they? Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I even want to smoke a cigarette to depress my nerves.

Really not a drop!!!

Photographer: weve all done this. Theyre still in silence, pretending not to see them. Dont you want to give them red envelopes?

The way to get rich at the end of the year is coming. Dont blame me for not telling you...

Want to romance Turkey with you, and Tokyo and Paris? I have to say that Turkeys big balloon is really good.

This long hairtail must be very fragrant...

Elder sister: youve made me laugh.

Its winter. Its warm?

That armpit, you hurt me...

Wild motorcycles are hard to tame. I cant do it. Try...

The daughter-in-law of the Black family keeps fit for five minutes and takes photos for two hours... I really need to go back and have a good education.

It seems that only C photo is not good. If you want to ride an electric bike in the future, youd better upgrade to f photo at one time.

Its nice to have a car. I can take my sister to the suburb for a self driving tour the day after tomorrow.

He was killed in the opposite way.... Lying in other peoples blind spots, white car drivers are lucky.

If you get this in your life, it will be complete.

Just after a few days tour back in Sichuan and Chongqing, thats it. Whats it like? Do you understand?

The little sister said that she was not used to walking in high heels when she went to work on the first day.

Its not a crazy suggestion that we should take a ride after work?

I thought that my little sister was a goddess, but I didnt expect that she was also a woman man. She rubbed her feet as soon as she got on the bus...

Erha: Im ready! Run up to scratch him in minutes, without fear.

Double eleven came, the daughter-in-law said that she had added the clothes to the shopping cart...

Im so angry... If you can talk like this, youd better talk less next time and choke people to death...

Im so sleepy. I have to get up early for a cup of coffee~

Hello, everyone. See you next time.

Yesterdays car guessing answer: Audi TT, congratulations to e-friend glory 8 and deldavid on the list ~ you have applied for the red name of an old driver

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Yile Daily: the cars in this photo that have no level focus are all over exposed

Daily Yile: the paint is more and more abundant, but I feel that its still white and durable

Daily Lele: why do old drivers like knob shifting? It may not be in the way

Yile Daily: how do you deal with a foot sticking out of the back seat?

Yile every day: a girl who takes a ride even starts to say 500 yuan on the ground

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