Towards a broader stage -- on the first anniversary of the private enterprise Symposium

 Towards a broader stage -- on the first anniversary of the private enterprise Symposium

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 30 (Xinhua): towards a broader stage

This is a sonorous declaration to face the challengeu2014u2014

Chinas private economy can only grow and not weaken, not only cant leave , but also to a broader stage.

This is the foundation for the futureu2014u2014

The key for us to deal with all kinds of risks and challenges is to maintain our concentration, enhance our confidence and focus on our own affairs.

In November 1, 2018, general secretary Xi Jinping held a forum on private enterprises and delivered an important speech. He fully affirmed the important position and role of Chinas private economy. It showed that our party adhered to the basic economic system and stood firm in its two unwavering positions, and put forward effective measures to point out the direction for the future development of private enterprises.

In the past year, with the implementation of a series of policies from the central government to the local government, more and more private enterprises are taking the initiative to stabilize their expectations, increase their strength and confidence, which is confirmed by practical actions: the stage for the development of private economy is very broad!

The staff of Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Administration issued business license to the enterprise representative (photographed on January 7, 2016). In order to implement the license separation reform pilot plan approved by the State Council in Shanghai, Pudong New Area has implemented the double notification work to solve the problem of wide access of market subjects. Photographed by Ding Ting, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

In recent days, Wenzhou Century Park is busy greeting a special festival - November 1, the first private entrepreneurs Day established by local legislation is about to open.

Just this week, the 36th meeting of the Standing Committee of the sixth Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Congress passed a bill to establish November 1 as Shenzhen entrepreneur day.

Not only these two places! On November 1 last year, the central government held a symposium on high-level private enterprises, which has a practical significance of compass for the number of private enterprises accounting for more than 90% of Chinas enterprises.

Recalling last years attendance, Nan Cunhui, vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of Chint Group, was deeply moved.

In response to the murmur of questioning the private economy once appeared in the society, the three unchanged and six measures put forward in this symposium really gave private entrepreneurs a reassurance!

Reduce the burden of corporate taxes and fees, solve the problem of financing difficulty and high cost of private enterprises, create a fair competition environment, improve the way of policy implementation, build a new pro Qing relationship between government and business, and protect the safety of family members and property of enterprises The symposium was highly targeted and demonstrated the solemn commitment of the central government to support the development of private economy.

In the six policies, tax reduction and fee reduction bring real benefits to enterprises.

On September 20, Sunings 4000 retail cloud stores opened in Danshui Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Suning aimed at the community and county market, and completed the acquisition of Wanda Department store and Carrefour China. The total number of offline stores exceeded 13000, and this year about 50000 new employees have been recruited.

The rural consumer market with great potential has unlimited opportunities, while tax reduction and fee reduction have eased the pressure of rising cost. It is estimated that 150 million yuan of cost will be saved in the whole year only by reducing the social insurance premium rate. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holding group, who attended the meeting last year, said.

In Raoyang County tax related sub center of Hebei Province, window staff explained simple tax payment process for private entrepreneurs (photo taken on May 6). Photo by Li Xiaoguo, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Taxpayers in the private sector cut 964.4 billion yuan of tax in the first three quarters, accounting for 64% of the total, the State Administration of Taxation said Wednesday.

Only when the heavy burden is removed can the enterprise go further; when the wings of capital are inserted, it will fly higher.

Since 2018, due to the increasing uncertainty of the international situation, the slowdown of domestic economic growth, deleveraging and other factors, some private enterprises have encountered a big test in financing.

In Qingdao, Shandong Province, dongka Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., which is engaged in radioactive waste disposal services, was once in financial difficulties due to light assets and few collateral last year. At last, the Bank of Qingdao took the financing mode of technology finance investment (guarantee) loan as its loan of 10 million yuan.

This fund is like snow in carbon and rain in time. The company has successfully signed a 168 million yuan project, and continues to track dozens of projects. Dongka financial director Chen Xisheng said excitedly.

According to the central bank, in the first three quarters, loans from private enterprises in China increased by 3.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 40.1% of the total increase in loans from state-owned and private enterprises, up 4.5 percentage points year on year.

In the past year, from the introduction and implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction measures with the scale of about 2 trillion yuan, to the launching of three arrows of bonds, credit and equity to ease the difficulty of financing; from the orderly promotion of license separation to the full coverage, to the enhancement of the screening and correction of the wrong cases involving entrepreneurs property rights A variety of support measures are gradually implemented, such as the spring breeze to warm up, which makes more and more private entrepreneurs feel the sense of security and access of their own people.

In Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, in the first half of this year, when sun Xiaobo, chairman of aoyingchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., proposed to the person in charge of the power Valley park that can an office building of the management committee be used as a technical test, the management said nothing and immediately let go.

When an enterprise develops according to its own plan, the government department does not overstep its position; when it needs the government to coordinate and solve difficulties, the government department is not absent. Sun Xiaobo said, with such a business environment, we can rest assured of R & D technology and market development.

Not long ago, the 10th meeting of the Deep Reform Commission of the Central Committee deliberated and adopted the opinions on creating a better development environment to support the reform and development of private enterprises. With the implementation of more supporting measures, the spring of private economic development is worth looking forward to.

The 2019 top 500 summit of Chinas private enterprises opened in Xining, Qinghai. The list of 2019 top 500 of Chinas private enterprises, top 500 of Chinas private enterprise manufacturing industry and top 100 of Chinas private enterprise service industry was officially released (photo taken on August 22). Photo by Zhang long, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

As long as confidence does not decline, there are more ways than difficulties

The export of enterprises to the United States fell year on year, and the sharp depreciation of currencies in Argentina, Turkey and other countries ate up profits Since this year, ye Genyi, chairman of Fujian Xingyi Machinery Co., Ltd., has obviously felt the cold wind coming from the international market.

Spring River warm duck prophet. This floor grinder manufacturer located in Quanzhou, whose products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, is very sensitive to the weather in the international market.

Under the pressure, Xingyi makes an article on the industrial chain. The intelligent grinder launched by the company is very popular in the market, with 30% sales volume creating more than 60% of the companys sales volume.

At present, with the rise of global protectionism and unilateralism, the instability and uncertainty of the world economy are increasing; with the domestic transformation and upgrading and the promotion of high-quality development entering the critical stage of overcoming difficulties, the cost is increasing, the pressure on environmental protection is increasing, and the financing dilemma needs to be solved Under the pressure, many private enterprises are deeply challenged.

As long as confidence does not decline, there are more ways than difficulties.

The change of internal and external situation has indeed increased the pressure of many private enterprises, but it has also formed backwardness and opportunities. More and more enterprises have taken the initiative to attack, face the challenges and highlight the encirclement.

The harder you work, the more horsepower you need, the more power you need insideu2014u2014

A steaming and baking machine with fashionable design and practical functions has been on the market for half a year, with a market share of 20% and a single product sales volume of more than 100 million yuan. Such a report card made ye danpeng, chief marketing officer of Hangzhou boss Electric Co., Ltd. say surprise.

Workers from a private toy manufacturer in Xingtai Economic Development Zone of Hebei province carry out factory inspection on the products (photo taken on May 29). Photo by Zhu Xudong, Xinhua News Agency

China has an incomparable huge single market. No matter how the external environment changes, as long as intensive cultivation of users and markets, the domestic market potential is still great. Ye danpeng said.

The more difficult it is, the more we have to face the difficulties, and the more opportunities we needu2014u2014

At the 126th Canton Fair, Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., which has participated in 36 sessions, has brought new products. Ceramic products with high transparency and high whiteness as highlights show the product upgrading and technological innovation of enterprises.

The original company mainly exported to Europe and the United States, and now began to develop new markets along the one belt and one road in the Middle East and Central Asia. Liang Guidong, the companys director, said the fair is an important channel for Chinese enterprises to expand their market. The company has set up a branch in Dubai, specializing in relief gold products with high income.

Facing the challenge of wind and rain, more and more private enterprises focus on innovation and reform to realize Phoenix Nirvana.

Innovation determines how high we can fly, and quality determines how far we can go. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, said. Since its establishment 9 years ago, millet products have been selling well overseas, insisting on the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry, and become the youngest Fortune Global 500 this year, writing another record from China.

As Ronald Coase, the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, once praised, the story of Chinas economic reform is the story of strong private entrepreneurs. For the striver, the present difficulty will be a temporary storm.

A visitor experiences an electric scooter in Xiaomis exhibition area at the 59th Berlin International Consumer Electronics Exhibition held in Berlin, Germany (photo taken on September 6). Photo by Shan Yuqi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Focus on the industry and make great achievements

Facing the future, although there are many challenges, in the journey of high-quality economic development, entrepreneurs are more confident, more determined and more stable.

It can automatically rise and fall according to the state of the washing machine; it can automatically identify sunny days, rainy days and nights, automatically calculate the light angle of the sun, and regularly rotate or misplace the sun to dry; 360 degree induction type anti-virus and anti mite

In the past, the foreign trade export enterprises that produced electric sunshades realized Nirvana through secondary Entrepreneurship: through the acquisition of German smart home enterprises, with more than 350 global patents, they obtained the global design Grand Slam; they became the leader of the national electric clothes dryer industry standard setting unit; they obtained the capital of Xiaomis company and entered Xiaomis smart home ecosystem.

Based on industry and unremitting efforts, Chinas private enterprises are striving to cross the biggest barrier of transformation and upgrading and the steepest slope of innovation and development.

Difficulties in development, problems in progress and troubles in growth can only be solved in development, in unremitting reform and innovation.

The situation is always changing rapidly. The key is to grasp the development trend, focus on the industry and enhance the core competitiveness. Todays innovation is tomorrows productivity. Said Gao Dekang, chairman of the board of directors of bosden group.

Facing the future, China continues to optimize its business environment with unprecedented courage and determinationu2014u2014

Compared with the first draft, the new policy is almost overturned again, fully absorbing the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs. Referring to ten policies for promoting the development of smart lock industry in Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhan Xianguang, chairman of Zhejiang Zhongli group, said with emotion that the local enterprise related policy formulation fully solicited the opinions of entrepreneurs, so as to make entrepreneurs more confident in development.

From September when the national development and Reform Commission issued the opinions on the implementation of establishing and improving the mechanism for entrepreneurs to participate in the formulation of enterprise related policies, to October when the State Council issued the regulations on optimizing the business environment in full, to the further revision of the national unified negative list of market access Recently, a series of heavy policies to improve business environment have been released intensively.

Facing the future, supply side structural reform continues to deepen, and the development prospect of private enterprises is promisingu2014u2014

State owned assets, state-owned enterprises, finance, taxation, land system The reform in important areas and key links has been deepened, obstacles on the way forward have been removed, and Chinas development momentum is even stronger;

The opening door is bigger and bigger, and the one belt and one road is developing in depth. Chinas economy is deeper integrated into the world, and Chinas development is stronger.

The pattern of regional coordinated development is gradually spreading, the urbanization process is continuously promoted, the rural development is being revitalized, and the development space of China is larger

In the first three quarters of this year, Chinas economy grew 6.2% year-on-year, the fastest growing among the economies with a global economic aggregate of more than $1 trillion. Whats more, the overall momentum of Chinas long-term economic stability and improvement is still stable.

In August, Xining, Qinghai. At the 2019 top 500 summit of Chinas private enterprises, the top 500 entrepreneurs on the list made proposals to the majority of private entrepreneurs in Chinau2014u2014

Share the same fate with the country, boost development confidence, enhance innovation determination, do not forget the original intention of starting a business, and strengthen the ambition of serving the country.

Chinas economy is surging. In the trend of high-quality development, Chinas private enterprises and entrepreneurs will continue to be practitioners and promoters of reform and opening up, continue to develop and expand, and move towards a broader stage. (reporters Han Jie, Anbei, Shencheng, Wei Yijun, Kang Miao, Xi min, Wu Yu, Wang Qi)