Chile abruptly gave up APEC, and China US consultation progressed smoothly as planned

 Chile abruptly gave up APEC, and China US consultation progressed smoothly as planned

Speculation has skyrocketed after Chile announced it had given up its bid.

For example, the following news spread widely - (Chiles president announced that he would not hold the APEC summit in Chile because of the riots, and China proposed Macao as an alternative)

Is it true or false that China proposes to sign an agreement in Macao?

From the statements made by both sides of China and the United States, there is no factual basis for this news.

The US side did not confirm the content.

At about 0:17 on the 31st Beijing time, the US side made a statement on this matter.

So far, it seems that APEC will not be held in Chile. As far as we know, the organization has not prepared a second venue, White House Deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement Wednesday on Chiles cancellation of hosting the APEC meeting. We are waiting for possible information about another location. As for the first phase of the China US trade agreement, he said, we look forward to finalizing the first phase of the historic trade agreement with China within the same time frame. When we have notice, we will let you know.

On the Chinese side, there was no mention of relevant content.

At 12 noon on October 31, the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement.

Pay attention to these key words - the negotiation is progressing smoothly and the original plan.

This shows that China US economic and trade consultation has not been interfered by the outside world at present.

The so-called proposal to sign an agreement in Macao has no factual support and is more like a guess out of nothing.

As we said in the last article, at this time of high sensitivity and complexity, people are very concerned about the slightest bit of disturbance.

There is calmness in every event.

Dont worry. Its useless to be urgent.