Must read! An exclusive interview with academician Chen Chun who told the central government about blockchain

 Must read! An exclusive interview with academician Chen Chun who told the central government about blockchain

On October 25, 2019, once the content of blockchain as an important breakthrough of independent innovation of core technology was published, peoples infinite reverie about the industry was aroused, and the concept of blockchain was reconsidered and positioned by people. Looking back on the driving force behind this, we have to mention Chen Chun, a computer expert from Zhejiang University, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering.

On October 31, academician Chen Chun and associate professor Cai Liang, executive vice director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, interviewed Netease technology and other media.

Explore blockchain and meet the new era

Academician Chen Chun has been exploring blockchain for a long time. In 2017, at the global blockchain financial summit held in Hangzhou, academician Chen Chun talked about that blockchain technology has entered the stage of alliance blockchain, and that finance is expected to become the industry that takes the lead in the implementation of blockchain. In that year, the worlds first blockchain Industrial Park was also located in xixigou District, Hangzhou. Chen Chun thought at that time that blockchain created trust and had a broad application prospect.

In 2018, Zhejiang University Computer College and software college set up a course called blockchain and digital currency. This is the first university in China to offer such courses.

In 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of block chain as an important breakthrough in core technology innovation.

In the aspect of supervision technology, the tracking and visualization of blockchain nodes, the penetrating supervision technology of alliance chain, the active discovery and detection technology of public chain, and the architecture and standards of chain governance are all the development trends.

When talking about the regulatory problems of blockchain development, academician Chen Chun said that at present, blockchain requires filing and real name, but the technical characteristics of blockchain are anonymity, which requires technical supervision and financial supervision to catch up, so large-scale application can be realized under such conditions. At the same time, the development of blockchain needs to embrace supervision, just like when driving, the road needs traffic police to manage.

In addition, academician Chen Chun said that the development of the alliance chain platform in China is due to the higher performance of the alliance chain itself, the multi centralization and the Chinese characteristics. In the future, Zhejiang University needs to do more in technology and support the national digital economic development.

Professor Chen Chun mainly introduces three aspects of technical research, industrial application and regulatory services. On the first aspect, in terms of technical research, Professor Chen Chun believes that we should actively implement, strive for the initiative of blockchain technology development, vigorously develop domestic independent and controllable blockchain technology platform, fully reflect Chinese characteristics, rather than fully based on foreign open-source platforms. In addition to strengthening the research on the core technologies of blockchain, including alliance chain and public chain, efforts should also be made to explore the integration and development with artificial intelligence and big data.

At present, the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University is mainly engaged in technical research in alliance chain, blockchain supervision and other fields, including

Second, the development of data collaboration technology on and off the chain refers to blockchain, and off the chain refers to traditional trusted system. At present, large-scale high-performance point-to-point network, modular security cryptography protocol, high-performance programmable computing engine and definable data distribution agreement should be studied.

Second, in terms of industrial application, the industrialization of alliance chain is applied in financial industry, legal field, medical field, etc., which is the difference between foreign blockchain. Foreign blockchain is basically based on financial innovation to drive innovation in other industries. In China, it is necessary to accelerate the application of blockchain, focusing on the analysis of the business pain points that can be solved by blockchain technology and the reality in different scenarios Cost.

From educated youth to academician, from mathematics to computer

Such a computer expert grew up in a remote fishing port ancient town in Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province. In 1974, he joined a team in Donghai island and settled down. When he attended the first conference of intellectual youth in Zhejiang Province as a representative of educated youth, he took the train for the first time. Chen Chun wrote in his diary: after going back, he must work harder, be a good farmer of a new generation, and strive to come every year Hangzhou meeting...

In 1977, Chen Chun, who was determined to be a new generation of farmers, ushered in an opportunity in his life - recovery of college entrance examination. The Chinese language is extremely good. He got extra points because of his excellent answers, but he applied for the Mathematics Department of Xiamen University. The reason is that Chen Jingrun, a mathematician, graduated here. Unexpectedly, a computer programming art changed Chen Chuns life path. When Chen Chun happened to see this book in the library, he began to teach himself computer courses. So he came to Zhejiang University to study computer science.

Open HowNet, you can search more than 160 academic papers of Chen Chun since 1990: the development of video segmentation technology, 3D clothing simulation based on improved spring particle model, clothing CAD Overview Chen Chuns research has always been at the forefront of the times, from image to video to big data. Computer silk printing and dyeing pattern design color separation processing and plate making automation system, textile digital printing system, carpet color mixing digital printing system and image adaptive digital precision printing system are important system projects completed by Chen Chun in Chinas light textile industry in the past 30 years, which are greatly Apply research results to informatization and industrialization. Chen Chuns research achievements won 1 second prize of national technology invention and 2 second prize of national science and technology progress.

The following is the interview with academician Chen Chun and Professor Cai Liang by Netease technology and other media:

Q: blockchain is a new term. I hope academician Chen can give a general introduction to blockchain from the perspective of experts? At the same time, how does the development of blockchain affect Zhejiang and Zhejiang University?

For example, in a village, Zhang San lent Li 4100 yuan. If he wanted to let everyone know about this account, he would broadcast it on the village radio station. All the villagers heard the broadcast and received the information. After checking point-to-point, they recorded the information in their own account books. In this way, the account books of all villagers read Zhang San lent Li 4100 yuan. All these processes are a bookkeeping system, and blocks are arranged according to the time sequence, and blocks are connected into a chain, which is what we call blockchain. It is connected head to tail in chronological order, traceable, but not tamperable, because they are encrypted. So generally speaking, blockchain is a distributed unified accounting system, and everyone is fair and transparent.

It also shows an idea of blockchain: single point initiation, network wide broadcast, cross review, and joint bookkeeping. According to the example just now, Zhang San lent Li 4100 yuan to launch a single point. The whole network broadcast is Zhang Sans putting this information on the whole network broadcast of the broadcast station. The cross examination means that everyone knows this information, so its necessary to query and check it point-to-point. After confirming that there is no error, they shall jointly keep accounts. These four steps are guaranteed by a series of technologies, including distributed algorithm and so on.

Cai Liang: AI can promote the development of productivity and improve efficiency. Blockchain is to better promote production relations and work better. Blockchain really helps to solve the problems of production relations, especially the development of the real economy. It can put downstream material suppliers, equipment suppliers, safety supervision, logistics, etc. on the chain, and shorten the time of bank guarantee, etc. Comparatively speaking, blockchain is a more comprehensive and extensive technology.

Chen Chun: blockchain is a relatively comprehensive discipline. Although blockchain technology is mainly supported by computer technology, it needs the application of economics, law, mathematics and other interdisciplinary disciplines. Zhejiang University has moved to the forefront.

Q: at present, in terms of blockchain, the technologies concerned at home and abroad are different. From a global perspective, where is China going and what are the regulatory difficulties it is facing?

Chen Chun: Western countries focus on public chain driven innovation in finance. Chinas bottom platform construction based on alliance chain has advantages. However, it should be noted that the research on the bottom of the alliance chain is still dominated by the United States. Our advantage is to focus on the alliance platform. In universities, we should increase basic research, invest a lot, and manage and use blockchain technology well. Our country has issued two regulations. At present, the network information office stipulates that the blockchain should implement the filing system and real name system, but the blockchain is anonymous. After the technical supervision and financial supervision, many blockchain technologies can be applied,

Q: how can blockchain prevent civil servants from being lazy and bring better government services?

4. How to solve the talent gap in blockchain?

5. Can you give an example of the application scenarios of blockchain involving peoples livelihood?

Chen Chun: the Chinese government has a new technology system for the breadth and depth of peoples livelihood. The so-called breadth and depth, such as the use of blockchain technology, can improve the breadth and depth of peoples livelihood issues. So called breadth. For example, dental insurance, now few insurance companies to protect teeth, because teeth are very troublesome, information can not be shared. For example, someone took an X-ray in Shanghai dentistry, and then went to the clinic in Hangzhou to check and take photos. After doing two similar projects, the insurance company would not provide insurance, because the information was not shared.

The depth of application in the field of peoples livelihood will also have. Chinas banks say its hard to make loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, not because they dont have money, but because they need to provide asset guarantees or stock guarantees, or because there are other enterprises that guarantee them. All guarantees, contracts and coordination need time. Time is efficiency. But if the small and medium-sized enterprise has an order, it can use the order to mortgage, or there are receivables that havent been received, and so on. These information can be seen clearly in the chain, and the bank can judge by itself. Therefore, the receivables are transformed into digital vouchers on the blockchain, and banks can automatically confirm how much discount to make and whether to directly lend, so the efficiency of SMEs loan processing is improved. Zhejiang Commercial Banks receivables chain platform currently uses blockchain technology, which is understood to save 80% of the audit time and 50% of the cost..

So the application of blockchain, as long as it involves the features of certificate, trust, collaboration, and tamperability, is OK.

Chen Chun: 5g is a mobile Internet that can solve the communication problem. It is mainly a mobile Internet that can speed up the transmission speed and generate new application scenarios. However, 5g is still like the general mobile Internet. Although its transmission process is very efficient, its transmission network is opaque to the general public and the general application scenarios. Its a black box, so it requires many technologies, such as using artificial intelligence or big data, to confirm the real identity and credit rating of the person we communicate with.

Blockchain is the best tool to solve the above-mentioned trust problems, so the two complement each other and will burst out new sparks. For blockchain, its speed can be faster through 5g network. In technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data, 5g, quantum computing and other fields can achieve integration development and cross-border integration.

Q: you attended the conference of Ningbo Gang before. Can you talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Ningbo blockchain development? At present, Zhejiang University also has a team in Ningbo. Will it be related to the industry?

Chen Chun: Im from Shipu, Ningbo. Ningbos manufacturing industry is developing very well, and Zhejiang University and Ningbo also have a lot of cooperation. However, compared with the development of Ningbo manufacturing industry, the development of information industry lags behind. Ningbo Gang has a goal to realize the development of information economy.

Q: from this stage, where is the most ideal application scenario for blockchain? What is the biggest change brought about by the development of industrial technology in the future?

Chen Chun: the development of blockchain technology abroad is driven by financial development. In 2008, bencong wrote about a point-to-point payment system. There are two problems with money, one is authenticity, the other is double blossom. In order to prevent multiple payments, the data structure of bitcoin is block chained. Blockchain is the relay mode of Western currency. Mining relies on relay. The core mechanism of the relay is the transfer of currency, which is characterized by public chain. The public chain started earlier and has its own open-source algorithm. At present, it has more influence than the alliance chain. The alliance chain has the characteristics of multi center and high performance. At the beginning, blockchain companies all issued currency, that is, air currency, without a corresponding value. The peoples Bank of China, in conjunction with six ministries and commissions, has made clear provisions to prevent the risk of tokens. Blockchain supervision should be embraced, just like traffic police when driving. Zhejiang University should make technology stronger and better, and support the development of new economy and technology in our country.