Korean musician refused to sign in China for Sade? Korean media: no application to China

 Korean musician refused to sign in China for Sade? Korean media: no application to China

[global network report] recently, foreign media reported that Chinas refusal to sign a Korean musician due to the Sade issue resulted in the cancellation of the performance of the American orchestra. A reporter asked a spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry about the matter on the 30th. According to Yonhap 31 daily, South Koreas foreign ministry found that members of the orchestras South Korean group had not applied for a Chinese visa.

Screenshot from Yonhap news agency?

The Yonhap news agency quoted the associated press as saying that the orchestra of Eastman Conservatory of music, University of Rochester, planned to perform in China. Three Korean musicians in the orchestra were rejected. The schools president said that the reason for the refusal was the Sade contradiction between South Korea and China in 2016. He said that he would postpone the orchestras performance in China until all members were allowed to enter the country.

South Korean foreign ministry? Tuyuan: Yonhap?

Yonhap learned Monday from the South Korean foreign ministry that all people involved in the performance, including South Korean members, have never applied for visas from China.

At present, the South Korean foreign ministry is seeking confirmation from the University and the Chinese foreign ministry.

The day before yesterday (30 days ago), Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference that he did not know about the relevant situation and may only be an isolated visa case.

I have a set of data here. In 2018, China and South Korea had nearly 9.5 million people to people exchanges, of which 4.193 million were Chinese from South Korea, Geng said. If, as someone said, we refuse to issue visas to South Koreans because of Sades problem, how did these millions of people come here last year?

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