Netrix releases a series of new intelligent display products with dual 5g modules

 Netrix releases a series of new intelligent display products with dual 5g modules

According to the authoritative data of futuresource, in recent years, the growth of intelligent interactive tablet is gradually rapid, and the stock market of interactive whiteboard is huge, among which Chinas demand accounts for half of the world. Netrix, based on the needs of localization in China, pays attention to the experience interface of localization users in China, and cooperates with third-party partners. With three outstanding qualities of hardware products, after-sales service and experience, netrix covers the scenes of high-quality needs such as finance, business conference room, medical treatment, radio and television, and intelligent experience center. As a systematic solution, netrix will realize the innovation from conference room to working room, and achieve the goal of collaboration and value creation.

NEC smart party building cloud platform solution was displayed on the conference site, which realized data visualization management relying on Internet, cloud computing, visual audio and video communication, data interaction, remote sharing and assistance technologies; dual screen and dual stream video conference broke the traditional video conference practical scene. Interactive tablet can adapt to various bright use scenarios; 4K multi-party cloud video conference can realize 4K multi-party cloud video conference through the Internet 4K ultra-high definition image processing algorithm, and the straight down panel ensures uniform display of large-scale pictures. The six solutions released on site provide customized solutions for enterprises based on the video needs of diversified industries such as business meetings, medical treatment and monitoring. (Zhang Nan)

4K multi cloud video conference HD video

NEC video conference solution

Two screen and two stream video conference scheme

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