Interview: when you come back from a trip to Tibet, should you pay for the wear and tear? After 95, miaota was admitted

 Interview: when you come back from a trip to Tibet, should you pay for the wear and tear? After 95, miaota was admitted

The first answer: I should give my friend a car wear fee. When a friend drives to Tibet for more than ten days, the traffic loss is quite large. After returning, the car also needs maintenance. A brother knows his account. I should give my friend the maintenance fee.

The second answer: I wont give my friend a car wear fee. Before we set out, we made an appointment with the AA system, and all the expenses on the road were shared equally. First, vehicle wear is inevitable. Even if I dont take a car and my friend drives to Tibet by himself, the wear and tear of the car is inevitable. Its crazy to ask the hitchhiker for the wear and tear fee. Second, it was agreed before departure. When I came back, I suddenly asked for extra wear and tear fees. Its not authentic, and I shouldnt ask for any more money. Friends cant do it. Instead of giving money, I will blackmail my friends.

First, why do friends suddenly ask me for money? Are friends mean? Or did I dissatisfy my friends on the journey?

Second, my friend used his car to go to Tibet. It was really worn out. The AA system we agreed in advance doesnt include the cost of car wear and maintenance. Its because I didnt think about it thoroughly. I cant blame my friends. I took advantage of them.

Third, I need to learn a lesson. Before I start, I should offer to pay a certain amount of wear fee first. Because I didnt mention it, I let my friend hold the fire. After I came back, I didnt say it, so I tore my face and asked for money.

After listening to the answers of the three candidates, the interviewers all nodded their heads and said in secret: Yes.

In fact, we may all encounter such trivial things in our life, saying that the big is not small, saying that the small is not small, details determine success or failure, and small money can also destroy friendship. So, keep in mind that brothers and relatives are good at accounting, let alone friends? Traveling in Tibet by car costs a lot and damages the car a lot. You need to take care of it when you come back.

As a friend, you should agree on the expenses in advance and consider them carefully. Even if you dont give the wear and tear expenses, as long as you take them into consideration and offer them, the friend will not accept them. Because the friend knows that you understand this truth, it means that you know how to appreciate them, and then you can find another chance to make up for them, so that the friendship can continue to operate. Whats your opinion? Welcome to exchange.