Durass Lover: its not easy to fall in love with Chinese men

 Durass Lover: its not easy to fall in love with Chinese men


Or, what this movie wants to tell us is: its really not easy to fall in love with Chinese men. In this way, will it attract a large number of netizens. Look at the heroine in lover. She is smart and beautiful, mainly as young as a flower. But on her own initiative, she gave herself to this Chinese man. Also through the window, offer that meaningful kiss goodbye.

As for Chinese men, they are always courteous before they get you. No way. They have money. And the womens family also needs money, so its just a match. However, this is not the original intention of women. But do you think its so easy to fall in love? Not just with that person, but with that persons relatives and friends. You still dont want to be naive. Please be fully prepared.


Wrong, very wrong. So, foreign men are more reliable. They dont have much opinion on women with many ex boyfriends. For divorced women, it is also readily accepted. Are they really so generous? No, no, no, maybe the ideological education in the East and the west is different, right? Mens view of love and marriage, even has a profound difference. Still dont waste time and expression, and stay away from Chinese men.


And if you are a beauty, all hope that he is a hero. Right? But in love, you may need more courage and determination.