Top view action dungeon game rakasi launched on November 12, steam

 Top view action dungeon game rakasi launched on November 12, steam

Bai Ying, the immortal relic of the protoss, weapon: long Dao

A Yun, a demon lord who loves human beings, weapon: spear

Renxu: a fiery young girl with strong temperament, weapon: giant hammer

Boundless - the hybrid walking in the shadow, weapon: double blades

Mulan, the famous general of the whole family who was killed, weapon: shield sword

Jiang Yin, the green queen of the defected organization, weapon: Lock sickle

Rouelikes reincarnation test

Border battles and wars continue, natural and man-made disasters rise and revolt around the country, monsters and beasts revolt against the people, and the demons fight back. There are a group of people who want to break through the darkness and push the world to the light. They have created the reincarnation test, in which the chosen one finds out the key to saving the world.

The game adopts roguelike mode. Players will face different enemies in the randomly generated level map, pick up different secrets, and make endless changes in the game. Each game has a fresh and interesting experience. At present, the game has 6 chapters, 120 enemies, 140 secrets and 18 bosses, which will be further expanded in the future.

Simple and challenging action games

Please dont be discouraged. With the increase of familiarity with the game, the players technical level will also be improved, and the interest of action game will be continuously released.

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