Under the skin starts in Shenzhen

 Under the skin starts in Shenzhen

One person plays two roles, and the performance test arouses expectation

In the play, Zheng He Huizi, a new generation actor who has appeared in popular films and TV series such as the summer solstice is not coming and I love you, this is the best arrangement, plays two parts: one is the simple and gentle ordinary person Xiao Mu, the other is Yao menggui, a popular actress with deep city and strong personality. The two men have a huge contrast in identity, character, ability and so on. The actors revolve around these two completely opposite roles, which is a great test of Zheng hehuizis acting skills and is worth looking forward to.

The hero of under the skin is Huang Shengchi, a young actor. This actor in the waves of flowers, summer of bubbles and chase the ball are all good actors. What surprises will be brought to you this time? We might as well wait and see.

Innovation of online drama with novel theme and deep content

In terms of theme, compared with the previous youth love drama, under the skin not only meets the audiences expectation of moving love, but also makes the plot exciting and more visible.

On the other hand, it is a play about human nature and personal growth in the suspense love story. Xiao Mu, the heroine who has the same skin bag as the actors sister in the play, continues to be the shadow of her sister, pursues her performance dream in the name of her sister, or is she reborn in nirvana to find the real self? The play hopes to explore the real self-worth of life by depicting the contest between dream and reality.

At the same time, it is also thought-provoking that the protagonists and heroines in the play successfully disintegrated the behind the scenes calculation and conspiracy, and in the heart and skin bag, from hesitation to firm pursuit of true love step by step.

The skin bag is only the appearance. The heart is always the key to the development and value of life. Whether its the thrilling desire competition or the expression of true love, its worth the audience to taste and explore. This film will be officially launched in 2020 to meet the audience, and will be broadcast exclusively on Youku platform, please look forward to it.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie