University teachers will be transferred out of the teacher series if they do not teach undergraduate students for three consecutive years

 University teachers will be transferred out of the teacher series if they do not teach undergraduate students for three consecutive years

Beijing News on October 31, the Ministry of Education issued the implementation opinions on the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, which mentioned that colleges and universities should strictly implement the teaching system of professors for undergraduates, and transfer out the teacher series of professors and associate professors who do not undertake undergraduate courses for three consecutive years. In response, the director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education said that teaching and educating people is a teachers vocation.

It is also mentioned in the opinion that the requirements of the state on the ratio of students to teachers in Colleges and universities should be strictly implemented to complete the teaching staff. At the same time, we will increase the incentives for excellent courses and teachers, and increase the weight of teaching performance in the evaluation and employment of professional and technical positions.

According to the preliminary statistics made by the Ministry of education, in the past one and a half years, the proportion of professors attending lectures for undergraduates in many schools has increased from 50% to more than 80%, and even to more than 90% in some schools, which has been greatly improved.

At the news conference held by the Ministry of education on October 31, Wu Yan, director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, said, in fact, its not a simple professor giving lectures to undergraduates, but to make college teachers clear. The first identity is a teacher, and the first responsibility is class. If you dont teach and train students, you cant belong to the teacher series.

According to Wu Yan, students apply to a school because it has famous experts. But a student has not seen these famous experts, people and experts in four years of study. What is the professional conscience of this school? How can it be a good school?

Colleges and universities have three basic functions - teaching, scientific research and social services, but personnel training is the first responsibility. Since there is a university, the university has to cultivate people. Similarly, teaching and educating people is also a teachers vocation. So we should keep on working until every teacher regards teaching as a natural working habit.

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