5g Official Commercial starting price 128 yuan / month! The concept stock in the view of securities companies

 5g Official Commercial starting price 128 yuan / month! The concept stock in the view of securities companies

In terms of market performance, the 5g index rose to a peak of 1.11% in early trading stimulated by news, but then gradually fell back. By the end of the day, the 5g index was down 0.9%.

In terms of individual stocks in the sector, the price limit of chaoxun communication was up, and that of maijie technology was up by more than 6%.

China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom also officially announced 5g business package today, which will be officially launched on November 1.

Three operators compete in price, which is more cost-effective?

In the 5g free package of China Telecom, 129 yuan file includes 30GB national traffic and 500 minutes national call; 169 yuan file includes 40Gb national traffic and 800 minutes national call; 199 yuan file includes 60GB national traffic and 1000 minutes national call; 239 yuan file includes 80GB national traffic and 1000 minutes national call; 299 yuan file includes 100GB national traffic and 1500 minutes national call; 399 yuan file includes 15 minutes national call 0GB national traffic and 2000 minute national call; 599 yuan file includes 300gb national traffic and 3000 minute national call.

China Mobile: from 128 yuan to 30g

China Mobiles 5g Personal Edition package is from 128 yuan to 598 yuan, and the family edition package is from 169 yuan to 869 yuan. Each package is divided into five categories, with multiple rights and interests including network, brand, service, business and membership. In addition, customers who participated in the previous 5g business reservation activities can also enjoy the discount of 5g package, and those with 5-year or more of network age can enjoy a half year discount of 7%, while those with 5-year or less of network age can enjoy a half year discount of 8%.

According to reports, the first 50 5g commercial cities of China Mobile include 4 municipalities directly under the central government, 26 provincial capitals, 5 cities with separate plans and 15 key cities.

The first batch of China Unicom 5g commercial cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Jinan, Zhengzhou and other 50 cities. The open default mode of network access is adopted. Users can log in 5g network with 5g mobile phones, and the peak rate of terminal network access can reach 300mbps.

Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, said that the official business of 5G is another major move to implement general secretary Xi Jinpings strategic plan for network power development. It is another milestone in the development of Chinas information and communication industry, and is another major achievement of cooperation among all parties in the industry. At present, China Unicom has made full preparation for 5g business from various aspects such as building excellent network, cultivating application ecology, promoting terminal development, etc.

5g concept stocks soared. Which industries are brokers optimistic about?

As one of the biggest hot concepts of this year, the 5g concept index has risen from 792.5 to 1277.39 since the beginning of January this year, with the highest increase of 36.59%, and the cumulative volume reached 315.6 billion.

Today, 5g commercial boots officially landed, and the 5g index rose 1.11% at one time, then gradually fell back. As of the close, the index fell 0.90% to 1118.53.

In terms of individual stocks, as of the closing, the price limit of chaoxun communication rose to 21.7 yuan / share, while that of macjet technology rose 86.02% to 9.34 yuan / share. Vertical and horizontal communication and Zhongji xuchuang increased by more than 4%.

5g commercial landing, what do analysts think?

Analysts of Societe Generale Securities pointed out that 5g network laying and formal business will inevitably promote the innovation of hardware and application. New applications, platforms and content will be upgraded or even subverted. Currently in the exploration period of 5g application, the development of cloud game, AR / VR and interactive drama deserves special attention.

Analysts of Soochow Securities said that 5g bidding of the three major operators was gradually released, the performance of the upstream industrial chain of network construction had a definite growth, and the prosperity continued to improve. At the same time, 5g package is launched. It is recommended to pay attention to the investment opportunities for potential ARPU improvement of operators. Moreover, 5g provides solid foundation support for the development of blockchain. They integrate with each other to accelerate the implementation of application scenarios. Blockchain + Internet of things realize the safe and efficient interconnection of everything. In terms of stocks, Soochow securities proposes to pay attention to two main lines: 5g network construction and 5g application and traffic. From the perspective of investment rhythm, 5g network construction takes the lead, and recommends to pay attention to operators. Traffic and application are more flexible after network construction.

Zhongtai Securities pointed out that the accelerated promotion of 5g package will enhance the expectation of 5g mobile phone volume, focusing on Wentai technology, Sinwei communication, etc.; at the same time, high bandwidth applications including video conference and AR / VR are also expected to accelerate, focusing on Huichang communication, Chunzhong technology, Yishang exhibition, etc.; it is expected that after the launch of 5g mobile phone package, the application package of Internet of things will be launched next year, which will accelerate the Internet of things Development, focusing on mobile communication, etc.; 5g driven platform operation opportunities are also expected to bring operator value revaluation, focusing on China Unicom, China Mobile, etc.