Closing comment: Shanghai stock index fell 0.35percent in shock, and blockchain triggered a stop trend

 Closing comment: Shanghai stock index fell 0.35percent in shock, and blockchain triggered a stop trend

On the news: Fiat Chrysler and PSA officially announced the merger; APEC cross border e-commerce capacity building (CBET) seminar was held in Beijing; the price increase of LNG ex factory listing index in many places has reached nearly 40%; the inspection team of Guizhou provincial Party committee entered Maotai; by the end of October, the overseas issuance of bonds by real estate enterprises exceeded 50 billion US dollars; the largest LNG project in China was approved with a total investment of 25.4 billion yuan; Lufeng: the previous Institute The Shanghai Stock Exchange will continue to improve the service system for overseas investors and continue to attract foreign investment to participate in the A-share market. The White House said it is still looking forward to finalizing the first phase of the trade agreement with China in November. The Ministry of Commerce: the leader of the economic and trade teams of China and the United States will call again on Friday.

Shenguang finance and Economics said that today, the Shanghai stock index opened higher and fell lower, and fell further in the afternoon. The index fell by nearly 0.9%, artemisinin rose against the trend, leading the two cities. Haizheng pharmaceutical industry increased the limit, driving the vaccine and medicine sectors to strengthen, super brand performance was relatively strong, Yili shares rose by 7%, blockchain, digital currency fell, leading the two cities, Yi Lianzhong and other 16 shares fell, chicken raising. The sector fell sharply, with xinwufeng falling and stopping. The secondary new shares continued to fall sharply, with haohaishengke falling by more than 23%, banking sector weakening by more than 1%, software, chip, consumer electronics and other technology stocks weakening. At present, the environment of the stock market is not good, so it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality individual stock band operation as the main, we must not blindly pursue the high, at present, the stock market callback is basically at the bottom, we can appropriately increase the position.

Under the structural market, there is a lack of catalyst in the current market, and what needs to be done at this time is to keep the position waiting. At the same time, there are still periodic opportunities in some areas, which can be further explored: for example, the blockchain market is just at the beginning, and those real blockchain targets can be pursued on bargain hunting; consumption and railway are the targets that can be followed up and considered; moreover, from the perspective of value, it is advisable to continue to focus on the pharmaceutical stocks that may have valuation switching.

Source: editor in charge of Finance and economics of Netease: Yang qian_nf4425