The Ministry of defense has confirmed that the army will be equipped with new camouflage clothes. What are the improvements except Shuai?

 The Ministry of defense has confirmed that the army will be equipped with new camouflage clothes. What are the improvements except Shuai?

On the afternoon of October 31, the Ministry of defense held a regular press conference.

Has appeared in the National Day parade

At the press conference on the same day, some media pointed out that in addition to the appearance of new weapons and equipment, the new camouflage clothes on officers and soldiers also attracted great attention in this years National Day 70th anniversary parade.

In response, Wu Qian said that in order to meet the requirements of national defense and military reform and better meet the needs of military combat readiness training, we have optimized and improved the color, style, fabric and logo clothing of the clothing based on the 07 type camouflage clothing, developed and designed the new camouflage clothing, and made an appearance in the parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China. In the next step, we will distribute the whole army as planned.

According to Wu Qian, new camouflage suits will be distributed to the whole army, which are the camouflage suits worn by officers and soldiers during the National Day parade. If you dont say much, take a look at the new camouflage clothes.

More handsome, more comfortable and more practical

Zheng knew that the National Day parade uniform was produced in Jiangsu Province. According to Jiangsu TV, the type of camouflage used in the new camouflage clothing is called star camouflage. Based on the original camouflage clothing, bold innovation has been carried out, wearing more comfortable, light and high-tech. According to Jiangsu TV station, star camouflage has better camouflage and adapts to more regional environment than before. According to the introduction, the chest pocket of the new camouflage clothing is changed from the vertical opening to the irregular shape design of oblique insertion, which is more practical. The elbow and knee are designed with built-in elbow and knee protectors to avoid the situation of hook hanging equipment of external protectors. In addition, the armpit and crotch are designed with diamond cutting, which looks more slim and straight, but does not affect the mobility and practical convenience. Garment factory workers who have experienced three times of military parade clothing production concluded that the fabric of clothing from the first plate to the second straight to this fashion can reflect the progress of national science and technology.

The new color scheme reflects the requirement of our armys whole area operation

In addition to the improvement of details, the greater progress comes from the change of color matching ideas. According to Zheng Zhi, he watched the military parade video repeatedly and the real photos disclosed on the Internet. Compared with the 07 type camouflage suit, the new camouflage suit has a richer color matching style. Whats more, in the new color scheme, we cant see obvious military characteristics such as army green and Navy Blue. Some military fans have revealed that the new camouflage clothing may no longer distinguish the distribution of services, but will use the operational environment and terrain as the distribution criteria. The new camouflage clothing is divided into jungle, mountain, desert, desert, city and other color schemes according to the combat environment.

u25b3 07 camouflage suit

The need for continuous improvement of camouflage clothing is based on the needs of the theater and the combat area. Han Xudong, a military expert, revealed to the Southern Metropolis Daily that with the diversification of military activities in the future, the requirements for the color and quality specifications of training clothes are also diversified. For example, the north is a cold area, the west is a desert area, and the south is a water net rice field and forest area. Different areas have different requirements on the color and quality of camouflage clothing. From the original single green of the army to the design and color close to the environment, with the continuous development of technology, the color of camouflage clothing of the Chinese army is also improving.

Han Xudong said that the current research trend is from a single color to a color that adapts to the environment and melts in the environment. With the increasing demand of the Chinese army in all-round operations, it is also a development trend for the single soldier to be equipped with a variety of training uniforms. Jiangsu media disclosed that the National Day military parade uniform is divided into three series, i.e. individual combat uniform, general combat uniform and warship combat uniform, according to the requirements of new generation of individual combat wear and the characteristics and regional design and production of tasks performed by different arms.

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