12 years! Hows that crazy female fan who is infatuated with Andy Lau?

 12 years! Hows that crazy female fan who is infatuated with Andy Lau?

Im very sorry, because Im married. Although I am married, I will always love you and everyone. I will always treat you as my family.

Now Andy Lau is 58 years old, but he is still the dream lover of thousands of women.

The reason is that, in addition to his handsome appearance, his personality and professionalism are also among the best in the circle, which is also the main reason why he has grown up in the performing arts circle.

However, if you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight.

As he became popular, the controversy around him never broke.

Among them, once that crazy female fan left behind a thick ink and heavy color.

I think everyone has heard about Yang Lijuan.

The man who doesnt need to be is Andy Lau.

There is only one dream for her:

Without Andy Lau, I will never marry!

As a result, of course, Liu Dehua was not seen, and Yang Lijuan was greatly disappointed in the trip.

But she never wanted to give up, but more and more crazy.


She filled the room with Huazais tapes and photos and spent the whole day in fantasy and dreams.

Seeing Liu Dehua with her own eyes is her long cherished wish for many years.

Because of her obsession, her father retired ahead of time, trying to help her fulfill her daughters dream.

Perhaps in the old fathers heart, in addition to his daughters doting, he also holds the possibility of what if it is realized?

In 2004, knowing that Liu Dehua had gone to Gansu to shoot no thief in the world, Yang Lijuan was very excited and waited for the roof of the house from morning to night.

She couldnt wait for Andy Lau at last, because he didnt come near her house to do the film at all.

In the next few years, her parents accompanied Yang Lijuan to Beijing six times and Hong Kong three times, just for her illusory dream.

At the same time, a more realistic problem is placed in front of the family. Ordinary family circumstances have long been unable to maintain their high costs.

Yangs father, who loves his daughter dearly, made a major decision, that is, to sell the house that the family relies on for survival, and later even to sell the kidney for her daughters expenses!

On March 25, 2007, 30-year-old Yang Lijuan finally met Andy Lau. Her 13-year dream finally came true. Her eyes were full of love and joy.

However, while Yang Lijuan was intoxicated in the joy of seeing Huazai, Yangs father had decided to commit suicide by jumping into the sea!

He wrote a ten thousand words book to accuse Andy Lau of being wrong, which caused a great stir for a while.

As a father, he is really great and selfless. For the sake of his daughters dream, he not only ruined his family but even died!

But at the same time, he was stupid. He knew that his infatuation with Liu Dehua was just his daughters delusion, but he still didnt stop her. Such love was deformed and absurd!

Her fathers death brought back Yang Lijuans late repentance. She cried and regretted in front of the camera.

Liu Dehua, who knew the whole story, also lamented. He helped Yang Lijuan pay off the usury in silence, and suffered a huge psychological shadow.

In her 30-year career, Yang Lijuan is indeed one of the most special fans in his star path. Their names are bound again and again, and no one can be alone.


Wang Leehom is also a troublemaker similar to Liu Dehua.

In a show in Luyu, they were surrounded by fans after leaving the airport.

At this time, a woman stood out and shouted at Wang Leehom:

Wang Leehom, what kind of man are you? You dare not say it after seven years!

Wang Lihong reluctantly said that the woman harassed and followed him all the year round and wore the same clothes and scarves.

When he tried to communicate with the womans family, they said they couldnt control her and hung up.

This woman is Gao Ruixia.

She followed Leehom Wang to various activities and stopped him.

Holding up the brand, he announced in a high voice that he is the real wife of Leehom Wang, and even imagined that he had had an abortion for Leehom Wang!

All kinds of crazy means make people defenseless and Wang Leehom unbearable.

But he has no way. What can he do?

What Yang Lijuan and Gao Ruixia have in common is that they dont have their own goals in life except crazy pursuit of stars.

They put all their hopes on a man out of reach, and they also fantasize about each other as lovers and husbands. Such love itself is pathological.

Today, Yang Lijuan, 42, is still alone. She lives in a low rent house with her mother, as a temporary shopping guide in the mall, and is at risk of unemployment at any time.

Taking off the layers of external packages and decorations, she became simple and practical.

Referring to the sensational star chase 12 years ago, her words are full of regret and dissatisfaction.

She has experienced the pain of breaking down several times a day and the embarrassment of being unable to afford to sleep on the street,

She still resents the medias provocation and sniffs at Andy Laus indifference.

She didnt seem to realize that the real cause of the tragedy was herself!


At this point, I cant help thinking:

What is the meaning of chasing stars?

In the process of our growth, everyone inevitably has his own idol. That person may be a star, a player, a teacher or a classmate.

Let your eyes stop and stay, it must be the one who gives you dazzling light.

Do you want to be like that on the way of chasing and infatuating?

If liking an idol can make you a better self, rather than consume yourself and the other person without bottom line, then it is meaningful!

Lin Junjies fans spent the most difficult time relying on his music, finally successfully admitted to graduate school, and sincerely thanked him; tfboys fans in order to keep up with their idols, many students got excellent results in the college entrance examination; they said they cant be too bad; sculin once regarded Phelps as a God, and worked hard to practice swimming. Eight years later, he defeated him and created Own myth!

When I was young, I like an idol, and at the same time, I try my best to live up to my love. This is the ultimate meaning of chasing stars!

This is a happy result for everyone.

It will be a good thing to pursue the stars rationally and soberly;

Crazy pursuit of stars, delusion, can only face the desolation of nothing.

If Yang Lijuan only regarded Liu Dehua as a dream, if Yangs father and Yangs mother stopped her madness in time, if Yang Lijuan did not lose herself, would the ending of the story be different?

What a moving picture that would be.