Japans Mitsubishi airliner project to postpone the cancellation of large orders by American customers

 Japans Mitsubishi airliner project to postpone the cancellation of large orders by American customers

Spacejet is a regional airliner developed by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, formerly known as MRJ regional airliner. The project, which was launched in 2008, is seen as an important initiative to revive Japans civil aviation manufacturing industry and was originally scheduled to start delivery in 2013.

However, due to some problems in the development and certification process, the MRJ project has been delayed continuously. The latest delay occurred in 2017, and Mitsubishi announced the delay to start delivery in the middle of 2020.

At that time, the aircraft had entered mass production and started certification. As long as the certification was successful, it could enter a stable production process and start commercial delivery.

On the eve of Paris air show, in order to boost market confidence. The MRJ, which has been delayed many times, has also been renamed spacejet, and the aircraft parameters have been slightly adjusted, with the production of M90 and M100 planned.

Once this project was called MRJ

Japanese media said that the reason for the delay was that some problems were found in the aircraft body before certification, which could not be solved in a short time.

In fact, this is not the first time Mitsubishi has been delayed due to a similar problem. Previously, MRJ had planned to go to the United States for flight certification, but found that the wing strength was not up to standard before departure, so it needs to be redesigned.

At present, Mitsubishi aircraft has been officially postponed five times. If this extension is confirmed, it will be the sixth extension of the aircraft.

Due to the delay, Mitsubishi airliner project has lost a large number of customers. For example, in 2016, Iran considered to buy this airliner, but due to the unclear schedule of Mitsubishi airliner, Iran announced to cancel this purchase plan in 2017.

Mitsubishis target market is mainly in Japan and North America. Its main customers in Japan are All Nippon air and JAL.

The reason why the order cancellation of transstate is so interesting is that it is an important customer of Mitsubishi in the United States. As early as 2009, transstate has announced orders for 50 Mitsubishi airliners.

Transstate is an important regional airline enterprise in the United States. It has three regional airlines, transstate, compass and gojet, which provide regional services for the three major airlines in the United States.

Before ordering Mitsubishi aircraft, transstate mainly uses Ba and Bombardier aircraft. In the new generation replacement fleet, transstate originally selected 50 Mitsubishi spacejetm90 and 50 BA e175-e2.

After transstate cancelled its order, the M90 had only one customer in the United States, skywest, who ordered 100 of them. In addition, Mitsubishi M100 still has 115 committed orders in North America.

Mitsubishi attributed the cancellation of the order to the fact that the spacejetm90 does not meet the demand of the U.S. market at present, and said it will hold close negotiations with customers on the M100.

According to the new US regulations, airliners with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 39000kg or a capacity of more than 76 passengers will not be allowed to operate on regional routes. It also makes the outside world pessimistic about the M90 orders held by Tianxi airlines.

Previously, Mitsubishi launched spacejet M100 to meet this demand in North America. The standard capacity of M100 is exactly 76 people. However, due to the new model, the expected delivery date is 2024-2025, which is difficult to meet the needs of most airlines to replace the aircraft.

In general, repeated delays and cancellations of customer orders have seriously affected the markets confidence in spacejet, new name, old problem, and even made the previous name change of Mitsubishi slightly embarrassing.

Some problems exposed in the previous spacejet extension still indicate that although Japan has aviation manufacturing capacity, there are still many things to learn in the design and production of the complete machine.

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