Zhang Shuai: I cant make the top four without stosser

 Zhang Shuai: I cant make the top four without stosser

Review of the game: todays first set started very well, aggressive, and the tactics formulated before the game were well implemented. Many times in the second set, we didnt get the key points, but we still encouraged each other and continued to work hard. I believe we can play stronger and do better like the first set. In fact, I was surprised to be able to pull it back, because the opponent is strong and has a very strong serve. Today my partner played very well so we can win the game.

Talk about the end of the year state recovery: in addition to the Australian Open and Miami, the following game state has declined, because we also need to take into account the singles, and there are red clay lawn and other field transitions, some of which I play poorly, some of which she plays poorly, in short, for various reasons. In fact, sometimes its close to winning, but its just a little bit. Most of our time and focus are on singles. Only in this competition can we have time to concentrate on practice and explore some potential in doubles. Now doubles experts gathered, relying on Mongolia is certainly not good, we need targeted training.

On the mentality during the finals: our mentality has always been very good, including now. Because every pair of players are the best this year, we are trying to make ourselves the best and do what we can.

I saw these seven pairs before the draw, and I said that I could not win any of them. Usually these opponents are eight in four or semi-finals, and this years four Grand Slam champions are also shortlisted, so to win, we must defeat these very strong opponents. We are very lucky to be able to go further in our own country and in the competition hosted by our sponsor, Jindi. We have received support and care from all aspects. We are very lucky to continue to move forward here

About the doubles partner stosser: I think I still rely more on Sam. her doubles experience and pure strength are on top of me. Without her excellent performance, we cant be promoted to the top four. In a word, our combination is inseparable no matter whether we win or lose. We take on our responsibilities together and play our planned tactics. In fact, I like collective combat very much. No matter in doubles or mixed doubles, everyone can contribute all their strength to the collective. I especially like this feeling. As long as you dont fight alone, you cant tell who is stronger or who is weaker

Source: responsible editor of WTA Chinese website: Liu Jie and ns6529