About 50 square meters of waste oil barrels exploded in a market in Wuxi

 About 50 square meters of waste oil barrels exploded in a market in Wuxi

At 18:55 this evening, a netizen disclosed that there was an explosion near Wuxi Jinqiao trade city. The reporter immediately got to know with Jiangsu provincial fire brigade. It is understood that a fire broke out at a garbage accumulation point near Wuxi trade city. Wuxi fire brigade has arrived at the scene. At present, the fire situation has been controlled and no casualties have been caused.

At about 18:19 on October 31, the 119 fire control command center of Wuxi received the alarm that the waste oil barrel exploded in an open space near a market in Liangxi district. A total of 15 fire trucks and 75 commanders rushed to the scene for disposal. At 18:50, the open fire was put out. According to the preliminary investigation, the site is the explosion of waste oil tanks, the main combustion materials are garbage and lawn, with an area of about 50 square meters.

An accident occurred in a furnace of an enterprise in Changshu, Suzhou: three people were rescued and three others were trapped

At about 16:05 this afternoon, an accident occurred in the furnace of Jiangsu Kailong Aluminum Co., Ltd. in the industrial park of Zhitang Town, Changshu City. Three wounded people have been rescued and sent to the hospital after full search and rescue. Another three employees are trapped. At present, the search and rescue work is continuing and the cause of the accident is under investigation.