Wrong people in prison? A life imprisonment rapist in the United States

 Wrong people in prison? A life imprisonment rapist in the United States

Tony Macon Munoz Mendes

Oct. 31, according to CNN, Georgias prison wrongly released a rapist who shouldnt have been released from prison on the 25th. At present, the rapist was caught 600 miles away.

Tony Macon Munoz Mendes, 31, was arrested in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, the State Department of punishment announced Wednesday. According to reports, Munoz Mendes was mistakenly released at Rogers state prison in ritsville, Georgia, at noon on the 25th.

Munoz Mendes, who was sentenced for raping and molesting children, should have spent his life in prison. He has been serving a sentence since April 2015, according to records.

Its not clear when officials realized misplaced people and how it happened, the report said.

Netizen said: error release? Is that possible?

Some netizens also said that they would fire the relevant person in charge.

Mitchell Bolen (source: Bill County Sheriffs office)

False release is not the first time. According to ksat television, Bill County Sheriffs office in Texas confirmed that on the night of October 15, Mitchell Bolen, a 56 year old prisoner, was mistakenly released from Bill County detention. MYSA News reported that this was the countys 14th misplacement this year.

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