Hong Kongs high court has issued a temporary ban on online speech incitement to violence

 Hong Kongs high court has issued a temporary ban on online speech incitement to violence

Source: East grid

Oct. 31, according to Hong Kong East. Com, the high court of Hong Kong issued a temporary ban on the application of the attorney general after the emergency court session on Oct. 31, forbidding anyone to publish speeches on the Internet and other platforms to encourage, assist, incite or abet other people to use or threaten to use violence to hurt or damage property, and the time limit was until the case was brought to trial on Nov. 15.

In the past four months, the mob has blocked the subway, airport and road, blacked Hong Kong police officers, destroyed public property, insulted the national flag and the national emblem, attacked journalists and tourists, committed crimes, damaged Hong Kong society, exposed the privacy of Hong Kong police officers and their family members, which has led to the outrage of people and gods in the face of the violent acts of the mob.

Nowadays, more and more patriotic groups and Hong Kong citizens have come out to express their dissatisfaction, denounce the thugs and support the police. They launched police support activities in Hong Kongs various districts, holding high the slogan of guarding our homes, supporting the police and fighting against violence! And other banners, shouting support the police force, strictly enforce the law, expressing the patriotic attitude of loving Hong Kong, and supporting the prevention of violence and chaos. The global anti Hong Kong Independence mob volunteer alliance and guard Hong Kong volunteer alliance also announced the establishment of Hong Kong mob network, declaring war on mobs, violence and the forces of Hong Kong riots.