Zhou Dongyu suffered bullying on campus: some peoples evil is innate

 Zhou Dongyu suffered bullying on campus: some peoples evil is innate

Only Chen Nian, who had both fear and compassion, squeezed out the crowd, came close to the scene, took off his school uniform, and covered Hus face in a pool of blood.

In a world of apathy and violence, good people suffer.

Violence, nude photos, forced haircuts, public insults... The evils of the adult world sometimes double in the minor world.

Moreover, there is no reason why Wei Lai bullies the weak, just like snakes bite people and tigers are bloodthirsty, which is almost an instinctive demand.

During the investigation, the police officer asked Wei Lai, bullying Chen Nian and killing Hu xiaodier, dont you feel guilty?

Wei Lai opened his eyes wide and stared at the officer innocently, saying, we have a very good relationship and often make fun of something.

Wei Lai is angry immediately: is it not good that Hu Xiaodi is dead? Now her mother goes to school to make a scene, which means she cant pay hundreds of thousands. If you dont die and work normally, how many years will it take to honor her mother with so much money?

When her daughter died, she could make a lot of money, so she should be happy as a mother - thats the logic of Willies thinking.

The police officer once described Wei Lai like this: have you seen the eyes of wild animals? Theres no expression, thats what she is.

I felt vaguely that Wei Lai could not feel the same kind of misery.

She cant imagine Chen Nians despair when he was bullied.

She didnt know how sad it was to be a mother when her daughter suddenly disappeared.

Otherwise, how can a young girl who has not entered the world force her classmates to a desperate situation? How can I face the death of my classmates without changing my face?

If you think about it a little more, you will find that people like Wei Lai are not alone.

PUA that seduces girls to commit suicide for love.

A criminal who takes the life of another for his own benefit.

Another example is the 13-year-old murderer in Dalian who caused a stir all over the Internet not long ago.

The logic of these people cannot be understood by ordinary people.

Wheres their conscience? Cant we really get the victims pain?

What do they think?

Simon Barron Cohen tells us another answer in the science of evil.

Simon said there are two kinds of villains.

Lets talk about the former first.

Human empathy is divided into 0-7 levels.

The persistent villain is zero, also known as zero empathy.

for instance.

When the crape myrtle in Huanzhugege is pricked with a needle by mammy Rong, what do you feel when you see this scene?

On the psychological level, you must feel the pain, right?

But the inborn villain will not. The logic of his inner activity may also be: if I were mammy Rong, I would choose a coarser needle.

Such a real thing happened in the Nazi concentration camp.

A prisoner who escapes from prison should be shot.

But one of the Nazis, holding a gun against the prisoners head, said, go, put a rope around your friends neck and hang him by hand.

The prisoner held the rope in his hand, frightened and frightened, and could not take that step at all.

At this time, the prisoners friend suddenly turned around, kissed the prisoners hand, and took the initiative to take the rope and put it around his neck.

What a touching moment!

But the Nazis were only annoyed and kicked out the chair and hanged it.

The Nazis are persistent villains who are totally incapable of empathy.

Without empathy, he would abuse others for no reason.

Because of his lack of empathy, he did not realize the fear of the prisoners, nor what the so-called touching moment was.

So when he does evil, he has no psychological obstacles.

The reason why villains become villains is complicated.

Some people are genetically incapable of carrying the function of empathy - the inborn villain.

Some peoples growth environment is too bad, affecting the development of the brain, so that its brain related functions are damaged.

Neuromedical research has found that our empathic function consists of at least 10 related brain regions.

For example, you see a person crying very sad.

At this point, 10 brain regions of your brain will work together to produce related emotions: pity, sadness.

But some villains cant do it. They may have pathological changes in some brain area, and they cant synthesize the things needed for empathy.

So Simon Barron said that people with level 0 empathy might not even be saved by God.

To put it another way, a villain like Wei Lai is not only a natural evil, but also a lifelong evil.

But in the movie, its not only Wei Lai who bullies Chen, but a group of students.

What about them?

Why dont you feel guilty when you hit someone and force Hu xiaodier to die without repentance?

This is the so-called temporary villain.

Some psychologists have done experiments.

Then, they were shown touching or bloody videos.

At the same time, through some medical equipment, their physiological reactions were detected.

The results showed that when watching the video, the emotional value of prisoners was significantly lower than that of normal people.

According to Simons theory, the empathy ability of normal people is generally at level 4 or 5, while Willys helpers, who are keen on campus violence, are more in the range of level 1-3.

Low empathy is just one of them.

They are also prone to temporarily shut down this ability.

There is a detail in the film. On the way home from school, Chen Nian is stopped by Wei Lai and a group of students.

Wei Lai picks up her mobile phone and plans to record a good play.

And the students around her, like a flower like girl, become cold-blooded accomplice in a flash, and attack Chen Nian directly.

Some slapped.

Some are picking clothes.

They have no sense of doing evil and no pity for the victims.

So, whats the difference between them and Willy?

Wei Lai is totally incapable of empathy.

But most of the violent students belong to the temporarily closed empathy.

These cold-blooded girls, walking in the middle of the road, may still care about stray cats, come home to watch movies, or may be moved to cry.

For this huge contrast of empathy, Simon explains that when one is focused on pursuing ones own concerns, one will temporarily shut down empathy.

Wei Lai once said that although they are obedient, they are both sides.

In other words, the reason why they raped Chen Nian was to get close to Wei Lai and join the Gang so as to gain prestige.

Therefore, when they are under the command of Wei Lai, they are totally immersed in their own needs: they have to beat her! Only by beating her can you get the respect of elder sister!

She devoted 100% of her energy to my desires..

When you see only your own needs, but not the pain and fear of others, empathy will close.

Once the empathy is closed, Chen Nian is no longer a person but an object in their eyes.

So, who cant deal with an object?

The beginning of tragedy leads to a more tragic end.

If you ask me, what is the deepest feeling after watching this tragedy.

I want to say that it is not the memory of love, not the sigh of the fate of the people in the play, but the cruelty of human nature after seeing the loss of empathy.

I have said more than once that man is a body of good and evil.

Law, morality and rules are the key factors to restrain the evil of human nature.

But these are external constraints.

Its hard for the world to be better relying on these things.

The real beauty must come from the inner emotional drive: empathy.

Because we are willing to put ourselves in a position to think about how she feels and why she is like this, our compassion will go to the front and become the dominant soul.

I dont want you to have a sad fate like Chen Nian.

But, I hope we can all have the kindness of Chen Nian.

Author: Zhuo Jue