Beiye Wu of divorce: regret? I knew I was with my ex-wife.

 Beiye Wu of divorce: regret? I knew I was with my ex-wife.


Recently, he was interviewed. He half joked: if only I had known it would be so hard, I would have been with my ex-wife. Mainly because he has less money and less friends to contact him. In order to be with Xiaosan, more than 1.3 billion yuan has been paid by beinowu? However, he confessed that there is no mistress. Many people think that, is it to see that Ono Wu has no money, so the mistress turns around and runs away?

As the saying goes, the three great pleasures of a man are: promotion, salary increase and death of his wife. Im afraid that only men can say such vicious words. Now its a change of wife, and it should be a good thing to be happy. However, when you dont have money, she wont work hard with you - what does that mean? Friend is old, wife or original match? His ex-wife is considerate and considerate to him.


Example 1: men with junior three

There is no doubt that many men decide to divorce when they are not married. He is like Kitano Wu. He feels that there is no emotion between him and his original mate, and that he was predestined by Xiao San. Therefore, even paying high divorce compensation is imperative. Yes, you are. Divorce means divorce. The sun rises in the East even though the earth is still turning. But after the divorce, what about the true love with Xiaosan? Originally, its just your wishful thinking.

Example 2: no man of junior three

No junior, how can I get divorced? Such men, he may have a terrible emotional cleanliness addiction.. Think that love is love, not love is not love. If this marriage is not what he wants it to be. So he would divorce at all costs. No matter how obedient that original match is to him, its not worth mentioning. After the divorce, he found that: all women in the world are the same, and there are only problems with their own requirements.

Beiyes regret should represent some mens voice. The outside world is wonderful, the outside world is helpless. Plus the temptation outside, if a man is a little hot headed, he is prone to do wrong impulsively. Or, it didnt feel so wrong at the time. But time is fair and will soon pay for itself. (Wen / piaoyutang) what will beiyewu do in the future? Do you have to walk through the road you choose on your knees