Gather together in Haishi, exult in Tianxia 3, a vast wasteland, gather together in Haishi

 Gather together in Haishi, exult in Tianxia 3, a vast wasteland, gather together in Haishi

Multiple seconds to kill tomorrow time limit 65% off! Super low discount not to be missed!

World 3 shopping frenzy started, do you think that only a few stalls in Haishi can constitute a happy shopping season? NONONO! On November 1, time limited seckill officially opened. Can you buy the practical props you want with the lowest price, young Xia? You can enjoy a 25% discount if you buy the second kill products in the specified time period! Every second kill is limited to five minutes. Surprise benefits are not to be missed! The items specified in different time periods are different. There are all kinds of popular practical props, such as shenrongqitai, yangzhiyuliu, yingyinjinbao, guozhipei, daogengtonghuo and so on. No matter you are a professional military fund hoarder, yuanlingli enthusiast, Tianyu reputation demander or box opener, you can find your favorite props here! The lowest price of practical good gift is to earn! Remember the discount time of each kind of props. Carnival shopping is not hand cutting!

Caojing shop opened a large reward, four special packages for you to choose!

World 3 marks the 11th anniversary of 2019. We love to realize our dream! More wonderful activities of world 3, please lock us, young Xia!

Tianxia 3 is a 3dmmorpg independently developed, explored and full of opportunities by Netease. It shows a magnificent and colorful virtual world. World 3 in 2019 information film dream of the world of mortals heavy pounds come! The new map of Baihua deep palace and qianmi Road, the innovation battlefield of Longmen Inn, the wave is treacherous, the steps are frightening and the opportunities are everywhere; the scenery is picturesque Tiangong city and dreamlike Wutong hall, is it a prophecy or a truth, a future or a bubble? More brand-new carry on wardrobe, free collocation, one key change, only for you!

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