Pre sold over ten million son of the weather exposed come on! Youth notice

 Pre sold over ten million son of the weather exposed come on! Youth notice

The release of the preview takes the story of the hero as the starting point, revealing the films realistic thinking of the current young peoples anxious life, and proposes the theme of even if life is harsh, we should live bravely and beautifully, which causes the resonance of the audience. At the same time, this is the first time that the director Xin Haicheng has tried to be realistic and positive. The inspiring story and the ultimate aesthetic audio-visual effect make many audiences praise it as the most cured in early winter.

A heated discussion on the pre notice copy

In order to better highlight the current situation of young peoples anxiety and arouse more audiences resonance, xinhaicheng has made great efforts to set up the film: in the background, with your name. u300bThe prosperous side of China and Tokyo is different. The notice shows places close to life, such as Internet cafes and fast food. Taking Tokyo as the epitome of modern society, it highlights the cold and lonely side of big cities. As xinhaicheng said, Fan Gao, the hero, is a teenager who cant adapt to social rules. Facing life anxiety and confusion, he is just like every young man who has just stepped into society. In terms of details, the announcement made use of the plot of being fired and staying in the Internet bar to reveal the hard life and unsmooth work of the hero, which greatly enhanced the films sense of substitution.

In addition to being closer to the setting of life, the new Haicheng also made a breakthrough in style, and the film theme was more positive and positive. The copywriting in this notice caused a heated discussion, showing that the hero in the movie faces the harsh life and society, chooses to stick to it again, and finally bloom his own sunny day. Such a positive and clear ending has cured many confused audiences and brought them the strength to move on. For this change of style, xinhaicheng explained, the 2011 earthquake in Japan changed me. We hope that we can encourage the audience to move forward bravely in the future through our works.

New Haichengs first positive reality work first warm in early winter will be released tomorrow

As the opening work of new Haichengs positive reality style, son of the weather has been praised by many people as the cure recipe that must be seen in the early winter.

First of all, as mentioned above, the film will give a positive theme to the setting close to the current life of young people. The heroine and heroine believe in love and hope and bravely move forward, which inspires many young audiences who are underrated, confused and anxious.

Secondly, the film has a strong sense of juvenile love, which perfectly presents the best side of youth, making many viewers recall the simple and persistent youth.

The film son of the weather is imported by China Film Group Corporation, released by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and translated by Changying group film production Co., Ltd. The film will be released tomorrow (November 1).

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)