Sharing opportunities and developing together

 Sharing opportunities and developing together

The China International Import Expo will not only be held every year, but also be held at a high level, effective and better level. President Xi Jinpings solemn promise at the opening ceremony of the first Expo was still in his ears. With concrete actions, China has opened the door wider and wider, and constantly written a new chapter of shared opportunities and common development.

Open innovation, win-win cooperation. The initial intention and pursuit of the fair reflects Chinas clear thinking and scientific judgment of the world development trend at a time of changing circumstances. People have seen that a China that has been constantly reforming and opening up, and a China that is committed to promoting the development of economic globalization and building an open economy, will embrace the world with a more open and inclusive attitude, and work together with other countries to develop and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Near the time of entering the Expo, both the Chinese consumers who are about to experience the global high-quality goods at home and the enterprises from all countries participating in the Expo show full excitement.

New Zealand fresh milk, Vanuatu coffee beans, Spanish ham slices, German narrow lane forklift, Italian blood orange, American anti-tumor innovative drugs, the latest 3D printing technology in Japan... Wanshang gathered at the Bank of Huangpu River again to bring more home-oriented products, only to compete for business opportunities in the Chinese market with quality.

Why can a new exhibition gather such high popularity all over the world?

The high popularity comes from the extraordinary experience of the fair. The worlds first import oriented National Exhibition and a great pioneering undertaking in the history of international trade, Chinese President Xi Jinping personally plans, personally deploys and personally promotes.

To hold the International Import Expo on our own initiative and buy foreign goods, we need to balance trade and solve some of the international trade deficit problems. It will also benefit the Chinese people, who need more international quality products. In March this year, President Xi Jinping visited Europe for the first time in the new year. When he met reporters with French President Ma long, he expressed the sincerity of Chinas holding the fair.

From bilateral to multilateral, President Xi Jinping is willing to act on different platforms, and China will further open the market to the world through innovative ways such as entering the Expo every year. The Easts agreement, should be enthusiastic. France, Greece and other 15 countries confirmed to be the guest of honor of the second China International Fair.

The high popularity also comes from the wonderful appearance of the first Expo, which brings the exhibitors a full sense of gain. In just six days, more than 800000 people came to the museum to discuss purchase and visit experience, with a turnover of US $57.8 billion. Whats more gratifying to enterprises all over the world is that the exhibition is closed and the promotion effect continues.

After the first Expo, the latest generation of precision adaptive gamma knife of Swedish medical enterprises was officially put into use in hospitals in Shanghai in more than three months; New Zealand fresh milk successfully entered the third and fourth tier cities and even ordinary families in remote mountainous areas in China; Latvian skin care products joined hands with SINOPEC enterprises to enter gas stations and e-commerce channels throughout China... Close the distance between high-quality products and services of all countries and the Chinese market, meet the ever-increasing consumer demand of the Chinese people, and the expectation of entering the Expo has become a reality in the past year.

The high popularity is also the confidence vote of global enterprises in the deepening of Chinas all-round opening-up.

Lower tariff levels, shorter negative lists, easier market access, more transparent market rules... China has implemented a series of major measures to promote a higher level of opening up, the institutional environment for enterprises from all countries to enter the Chinese market has been continuously optimized, and the channels for sharing Chinas opportunities have become more convenient.

The door of Chinas opening will only be wider and wider, the business environment will only be better and better, and the opportunities for global multinational companies will only be more and more. At the Qingdao summit of the first multinational company, which was closed recently, President Xi Jinping once again sent Chinas sincerity and confidence to the world in a congratulatory letter.

The continuous optimization of business environment fully demonstrates Chinas determination and strength to expand its opening up. On October 23, China promulgated the regulations on the optimization of business environment, which provides more powerful guarantee and support for the optimization of business environment from the institutional level and boosts market confidence. The World Bank released the global business environment report 2020, and Chinas overall ranking rose by 15. China ranks in the top 10 in the world in terms of business environment improvement for two consecutive years as a result of vigorously advancing the reform agenda, the report said.

A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden. Chinas initiative to expand its imports is not an expedient measure, but a practical action and long-term consideration for the world, the future and the common development of all countries.


We will promote all-round opening-up at a new starting point, and China will be firm, confident and calm.

The rise of Chinas consumer market has been widely regarded as an important support for the stability of Chinas economy, and also the main focus for enterprises of all countries to continue to invest in China.

The Japan trade promotion agency actively organized Japanese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the promotion of food, agricultural products, medicine and other commodities with huge development potential in the Chinese market, because the fair will provide an important platform for expanding the market of these products in China.

84 Singaporean enterprises chose to form a group to make their debut. In addition to focusing on seeking opportunities in Chinas sinking market, they also plan to find Chinese partners to jointly explore Southeast Asia and even the global market. Zhang Songsheng, chairman of Singapore Federation of industry and commerce, said that based on the achievements of the first China International Fair, more Singaporean enterprises hope to show their innovative products and services in China. The attractiveness of Chinas consumer market is not limited to its scale, but also comes from its constantly optimized structure. From food, clothing and use to living, traveling and traveling, the proportion of service consumption in Chinas consumer market has increased significantly, the circulation mode has accelerated innovation, and the scale of online retail has jumped to the first place in the world. In the face of multiple change trends, more and more multinational enterprises regard the Chinese market as a fertile ground for cultivating global innovation and continuously increase innovation investment.

Innovation has become a new fashion for the fair. A concept car that can automatically sense the physiological state of passengers and adjust the interior environment of the car. It is a smashing device that can turn construction waste into treasure at the speed of 150-200 tons per hour. Steinways latest performance and recording piano... At this Expo, more new products, new technologies, new services, new processes and new applications will be launched in the world and China.

The first upsurge of entering the Expo is closely related to the increasing protection of intellectual property rights in China. We have rapidly improved the legal system of intellectual property, and established a relatively complete legal system of intellectual property in line with international prevailing rules. We have introduced a punitive compensation system for infringement, and the punishment has reached a higher international level... The great progress made in Chinas intellectual property protection has significantly improved Chinas innovation environment and made multinational companies reassured by expanding their operations in China.

LEGO Group of Denmark is one of the first exhibitors to sign up for the second Expo and will release new products. The head of the company said that in terms of intellectual property protection, we really feel that more attention and resources have been invested by all levels of government departments (in China). Over the past year, the famous toy manufacturer has added more than 70 stores in the Chinese market.


In todays world, it is the general trend for all countries to have more interests and share weal and woe. It is the common expectation of all people to create a better life. It is the common responsibility of all governments to make economic globalization better benefit all the people in the world.

There are many problems in the world. Economic globalization has encountered headwinds, but it cannot be denied. Its not the right way to solve the problem to build a wall behind closed doors and pass the buck to others. It is impossible for the sea of the world economy to return to an isolated small lake or river, because it does not conform to the trend of history. Economic globalization is the objective requirement of the development of social productive forces and the inevitable result of the progress of science and technology. It will not be transferred by the will of which people or countries, and its trend is irreversible. A new round of technological and industrial revolution is emerging, the international division of labor system is accelerating, and the global value chain is deeply reshaped. All of these give new connotation to economic globalization and give birth to new development momentum.

It is precisely because of its accurate grasp of the long-term trend of the world economy that China actively leads the economic globalization towards a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction. This open vision of embracing the future is regarded as holding the key to tomorrow. In the eyes of observers from all over the world, Chinas holding of the fair is a powerful measure to support the continued development of economic globalization. Bernard DeWitt, chairman of Belgium China Economic and Trade Commission, who witnessed the first international fair, described his feelings as follows: Chinas holding of the fair has set up a platform for international trade and sharing business opportunities for cooperation among countries around the world, which is to safeguard the free trade system through practical actions; Chinas expanding opening up will bring huge business opportunities to enterprises around the world.

A group of micro data records the high-frequency interaction between China and the world today. In one minute, Chinas import and export is about 57 million yuan; in one hour, there are nearly seven new foreign-invested enterprises in China; in one day, Chinas foreign direct investment is 392 million US dollars...

A group of shining transcripts mark Chinas brilliant achievements in opening up the door for construction over 40 years. The worlds second largest economy, the largest country in manufacturing industry, the largest country in goods trade, the second largest country in goods consumption, the second largest country in foreign capital inflow, and the worlds first foreign exchange reserves for consecutive years...

Just as the fair as a window shows, today Chinas door is opening wider and wider. Under the international background of rising protectionism, Chinas choice is more difficult and won more support. Why can China adhere to the principle of opening up to promote development and actively maintain an open world economy at the time of turbulent clouds crossing? At a deeper level, it is a conscious follow of Chinas own development experience and a scientific judgment of the worlds historical evolution trend.

In the era of economic globalization, the development of all countries is interlinked, and they are both prosperous and destructive. No country can be independent, and coordination and cooperation are inevitable. President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of the linkage development of the world economy. Since the reform and opening up, from the opening up of special economic zones such as Shenzhen, along the coastal areas along the Yangtze River and inland central cities, opening to the world trade organization, building one belt and one road, setting up a free trade pilot area, planning a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and successfully holding the fair, China has been developing step by step in the process of opening wider to the outside world, and has changed the whole nation and nation. Appearance has created a miracle of human development.

History enlightens wisdom and reveals the future. Opening brings progress, and closing is bound to lag behind. The successful practice of Chinas reform and opening up fully confirms the correctness of this view. Looking to the future, China knows that its own development cannot be separated from the world, and the prosperity of the world also needs China. Building confidence in opening up and promoting a higher level of opening up with confidence, China will always be committed to developing itself and contributing to the world through interaction with other countries.


The fair is hosted by China. International organizations such as the world trade organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and development, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and so on serve as cooperative units, with many countries participating in it. Such heavyweight partners and wide participation reflect the internationality and openness of the fair as an important platform for China to actively expand its imports and open its market, as well as the sincere expectation of the international community for improving the global trade environment and achieving win-win cooperation.

It is Chinas sense of action to promote open cooperation among all parties. From Davos, Boao to the fair, from the APEC, the group of twenty to the BRICs cooperation platform, President Xi Jinping has repeatedly put forward the China plan for promoting the global economic stability, and always stressed that all parties should strengthen their confidence in opening cooperation and jointly cope with risks and challenges.

The fair fully demonstrates Chinas ideas and actions. Only when trade is smooth can all industries flourish. Hayri Turck, an American economist, believes that as Chinas efforts to increase imports, the fair, an innovative way to deal with global trade imbalances, will help increase global aggregate demand.

Ten years after the international financial crisis, the world economy has come to a crossroads again. In the latest world economic outlook report, the International Monetary Fund cut the growth rate of the world economy this year to 3%, the lowest level since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008. Economists at the agency warned that higher tariffs and long-term trade policy uncertainty hurt investment and market demand.

Open or closed, forward or backward, countries are facing major new choices. At the critical moment, more attention should be paid to China. In the face of expectations, China adheres to the responsible position of promoting the construction of an open world economy and supporting economic globalization, strives to promote all countries to meet challenges, and injects the most scarce certainty and leading force into the global economy.

Today, China is standing at a higher starting point of promoting development through opening up. On the one hand, to achieve a higher level of opening up has become an inevitable requirement of Chinas economic transformation and upgrading. On the other hand, the pressure brought by the global trade environment is in front of us. From the joint construction of the one belt and one road, we have gone deep into the reality to create a new cooperation platform for the fair. From the breakthroughs in the construction of the free trade area to the landing of the foreign investment law and the accelerated opening up of the service industry, Chinas opening has not only brought itself into a new stage, but also has benefited the world.

On the platform of the fair, not only the developed economies have a large and eye-catching exhibition lineup, but also the developing countries have written their own wonderful stories. During the first Expo, jute handicrafts woven by poor women in Bangladesh, exhibited by dada company, were welcomed by the purchasing group. The Chinese partners not only helped the companys products enter the high-end department stores in Shanghai, but also opened online stores to test the online sales. As a result, thousands of Bangladeshi women have been lifted out of poverty.

The way of all benefits goes with the times. China is well aware that in the 21st century, peaceful cooperation, open accommodation, reform and innovation are the trend of the times, and that if countries are interlinked, they will advance together; if they are closed, they will retreat. It is a narrow cul de sac for the weak to eat and the winner to eat. Inclusiveness, inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win result are the more broad path of the world.

With opening to promote development, with opening to promote cooperation, with cooperation to promote win-win results, China as an inspiration to the world.


On the way forward, we should adhere to the path of peaceful development, pursue an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results, and continue to work with people around the world to promote the building of a community of shared future for mankind. In celebrating the 70th anniversary session of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, President Xi Jinpings solemn declaration to the world is forceful and forceful.

2019 means a lot to China. In October, the Chinese people celebrated with great pride the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China. Over the past 70 years, the people of all ethnic groups in China have worked hard with one heart and made great achievements that have impressed the world and written a great legend in the history of human development.

In the eyes of the world, today China has become a country of opportunity. In todays chaotic international system, China is a positive energy country. China supports free trade and makes continuous efforts to adhere to the right direction of market opening, which is crucial to the future development of Global trade. Chinas adherence to globalization will not only make China realize economic transformation more smoothly, but also add new impetus to the world economy and multilateral trade... ... Around the comments on the Expo, international people tell the fact that a responsible China, which actively leads the global open cooperation and promotes the development of economic globalization, is winning more recognition and support around the world.

Today, China is taking a more active role in grasping the future. No country in the world can provide such opportunities for world economic growth as China, and Chinas expanding opening up has brought opportunities to the world. Former IMF president Christine Lagarde said. China has become the most important pillar of multilateralism and an indispensable and trustworthy force in promoting world peace and development. There is no doubt that the words of UN Secretary General Guterres can be understood.

A person has his own values, and a country has his own values. The Chinese civilization, which has lasted for more than 5000 years, has always had the broad mind of Great Harmony in the world, harmony among the nations and the open spirit of gentlemen carry things with great virtue.

Those who are benevolent are those who want to establish themselves, and those who want to reach out to others. With the continuous improvement of Chinas international influence, the worlds perception of China is deepening.

Since the founding of the peoples Republic of China 70 years ago, the Chinese people have pursued an independent foreign policy of peace, adhered to the path of peaceful development, adhered to the development of friendly cooperation with other countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence, and made great contributions to the lofty cause of promoting human peace and development.

Focusing on the future, China is fully confident and confident to be an important promoter of global common opening-up, a stable driving force for world economic growth, a dynamic market for business opportunities of all countries, and a positive contributor to global governance and reform. Together with all countries, China will share opportunities and common development, work together to build a community of shared future for mankind, and let peace and development shine in the world.