Man and manager: Zahavi is like last years Wu Lei is a phenomenal performance

 Man and manager: Zahavi is like last years Wu Lei is a phenomenal performance

Before the match, people and coach Luis attended the pre match press conference.

Louis: last time we drew with Tianjin Tianhai, we deserved a better result, but this result also increased our points in the table. Our preparations for this week are all for tomorrows game against Fuli. The team should strive to win the game, because in any case, relegation or our ultimate goal. Now, although we are the only theoretical hope, we will fight to the end. Tomorrow, we hope that the players will fully open up, play their own level, show the fans that we are a team with super strength, to achieve a positive result and try to achieve this goal. Because we also know that if we lose tomorrow, we may be demoted (because the winning and losing relationship is dominant, so people will not be demoted even if we lose), so we will try our best to play this game well and let this team continue to stay in CSL.

Du Wenyang: this weeks game, we are very well prepared in the training. Under the careful arrangement of the coaching team, I believe we will definitely play tomorrows game well and present a wonderful game for the fans at home. Moreover, the head coach, Mr. Louis, has been instilling in everyone of the team the spirit of never giving up until the last game, so we will do our best To go, play tomorrows home game.

Reporter: knowing that the result will not change, we still need to make 100% efforts. Is it easier said than done?

Louis: maybe as you said, it will be a little difficult, because the accumulation of many problems this season has caused the current situation. For our team, relegation is our ultimate goal, which will certainly not change, and we will always strive for it, but in this case, we hope to compare every game The goal of the game should be refined, and the team members should also be relieved of a little pressure. From the previous point of view, we always said that we should win the game and complete the relegation. Now, we mean that we should focus on each game, on each individuals own performance and play, play out our spirit, and implement the things arranged by the coach team, so as to achieve a positive result The result also brings confidence and happiness to our team.

Reporter: Fuli striker Zahavi can break the single season shooter record of CSL if he scores another goal. Are you confident that he will not break the record in bulk?

Louis: we have also made a detailed analysis of Fuli team. They also have many problems in defense. They should be one of the teams with the most goals lost in the whole league. However, zhahavi is a very powerful player and has a very good performance this season, like last years Wu Lei, which is a phenomenal performance.