Chinese scholars are banned by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Schengen 26 countries

 Chinese scholars are banned by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Schengen 26 countries

Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, presided over a regular press conference on October 31, according to the peoples daily client.

Reporter: in Belgium, song Xinning, the dean of Confucius Institute, was banned from entering the 26 countries of Schengen. According to the media, he is a spy recruited by the Chinese government. Whats Chinas comment on this? In addition, is there any other Chinese professors and staff who have also been refused visas because they are suspected of espionage?

Geng Shuang, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we also noticed it in the media, and we also asked the relevant departments about it. According to what I know, song Xinning is a professor in the school of international relations of Renmin University of China and an expert in European research. He was awarded Professor Jean Monet by the European Commission in 2010. Professor Song Xinning was selected by Renmin University of China in April 2016 as the Chinese President of Confucius Institute of Brussels Free University of Dutch in Belgium, and returned home on July 31, 2019.

Recently, Belgian media reported that Professor Song Xinning recruited spies in the local Chinese business and academic circles in Belgium, which was totally untrue and had ulterior motives. We firmly oppose such behaviors that hinder normal exchange activities and educational cooperation projects.

As far as I know, Professor Song Xinning has written to the reporter of the report, protested against the false report, and entrusted Belgian lawyers to appeal to the court, asking for evidence, for example. We look forward to a fair judgment by the court.

As for the second question you are concerned about, I dont know the specific situation now. I can tell you that Confucius Institute is an important window for the world to know China. Its purpose is to help people of all countries learn Chinese, understand China, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in education and culture between China and other countries, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship. For some time, some media, especially some western media, have made false and distorted reports on the Confucius Institute, including the so-called spy problem, which has proved to be false afterwards. We also hope that when looking at the Confucius Institute, the relevant parties should proceed from the facts, not subjectively make assumptions, nor from their own prejudices, to stigmatize and smear it.

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What is a Schengen visa?

Schengen Visa means a visa issued under the Schengen Agreement. The agreement, named after the signing of Schengen in Luxembourg, provides for a single visa policy for Member States. Under this agreement, visas issued by any Schengen member state are also considered valid in all other member states without additional visa application.

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