Wang Simins excellent performance in Serie A

 Wang Simins excellent performance in Serie A

Wang Simins debut in Serie A came after his free agent Leonardi injured his finger. In this game, she made her debut and received 40 first passes in the whole field, with a basic in place rate of 50% and a complete in place rate of 43%. With her outstanding performance, she has been widely recognized by the team and fans.

With the excellent cooperation and technical ability, we can see the great potential of this young player. At the beginning of studying abroad, Wang Simin set a goal for himself: I go to Italy to play volleyball, the biggest goal is to become a real professional player in the Italian League to exercise and improve himself. A good start is often half the success. I believe that she can continue to push forward to achieve her goals in the future.

Talking about the first time in Serie A, Wang Simin said frankly: the Italian League gathered a lot of world-class stars, the Serie A game is the fastest offensive game. My own characteristic is that my lower limbs have good strength and I can pull up the speed. But when I started to put into the indoor training, I was a little behind the speed. Thank you very much for the help of the physical fitness coach and the technical coach. I have greatly improved my strength and speed. The accidental injury of the main free man caught everyone by surprise. This season, I set my sights on learning and being a good substitute. This sudden change makes me nervous, but I will seize the opportunity to improve myself in the actual combat.

For his first Serie A show, Wang Simin said: Im sorry we didnt win away. In the first pass, I took a lot of goals, but there was a problem in the position of the joint of the two. I was not clear and decisive enough, which led to mistakes. However, the coach and the captain gave me great support and encouragement, believing that I finished very well. I hope we can win more in the later games. Thank you for caring about my fans all the time. I hope I will be stronger and stronger in the future!

Unete work busto arsizio is a club in the highest level A1 League of Italian womens Volleyball in Lombardy. He has won three European Cup titles and many Italian Super Cup, A1 League and UEFA Cup titles. Joining the most popular volleyball club in Italy, Wang Simin is bound to receive more and more attention.

In the middle of this month, Wang Simin officially joined the top Italian team busto. In just half a month, she has made her first Serie A debut and is looking forward to her going further and further in the league.

Busto is the most popular womens volleyball club in Serie A on social media

Source: Netease sports editor: Liu Jie, ns6529