The hero behind Dongfeng express remembers the 10th anniversary of Qian Xuesens death

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The third army honor guard carries the coffin, and one person arrives at five divisions The 10th anniversary of his death today (source: Netease)

Ten years ago, Qian Xuesen died on October 31.

Ten years later, on October 1, Qian Yonggang, Qian Xuesens son, held up his honor card and drove across Tiananmen Square by group bus.

Since my father cant come, Ill take a look for him.

Look! Chinas strongest express, the Dongfeng express designed by Qian Xuesen trajectory appeared in the National Day parade.

This is a great achievement of Qian Laos contribution to Chinas aerospace industry.

At the National Day parade, all kinds of weapons and equipment appeared, and the most concerned one is undoubtedly the Dongfeng family.

All weather, no support, strong penetration

Powerful, fast and unpredictable


The df-17 conventional missile, which is called water drift missile by military fans, is designed with Qian Xuesen trajectory. Qian Xuesen trajectory is a new type of missile trajectory proposed by Qian Xuesen in 1940s.

As the founder of Chinas aerospace industry and the peoples scientist, Qian Xuesen is the hero behind Dongfeng express.

In 2012, the movie Qian Xuesen said, no sword and no sword are two concepts.

The backbone of the Republic supports Chinas aerospace industry

Ten years ago, just 30 days after the 2009 National Day, Qian Xuesen left the world, but left a title - the backbone of the Republic. On October 1, 2019, on the national day, the epic national weapon dongfeng-17 once again made the hearts of Chinese people surging. From two bombs and one star to dongfeng-17, Qian Xuesens scientific thought not only influenced generations of people, but also continued to guide the direction of Chinas aerospace science and technology.

Return to China! It took him five years

From 1950 to 1955, what kind of sufferings did Qian Xuesen experience before returning to his motherland five years later.

He had a long way to go home, but every step he took was marked with loyalty and firmness.

On October 1, 1949, the peoples Republic of China was established. At that time, Qian Xuesen, who was in a foreign country, engaged in the most cutting-edge research in the world aerospace field at that time in the jet Power Research Office of Caltech, and participated in the development of the US military rocket project.

In the spring of 1950, Qian Xuesen made a decision: return to China! Because great changes are taking place in his country.

However, the road back to China was blocked at all levels. Qian Xuesen even went to jail. On September 7, 1950, Qian Xuesen was held in a detention facility in the United States. It was the 12th day when I went to see him. His thin face was pale and haggard. I saw that I was worried and hated. This American could make him look like this in 13 days. I said, we have agreed with the lawyer that we can pick you up tomorrow. I wonder why he didnt speak. He didnt call me by name or speak. In fact, he lost the language condition. Said Jiang Ying, Qians wife.

In June 1955, after several twists and turns, Qian Xuesens personal letter was sent back to the motherland. One day, one moment, one moment do not want to return to the country to participate in the great construction climax..

On September 17, 1955, Qian Xuesen and his family boarded the Cleveland presidential cruise ship and prepared to return home. Rocket experts returned to China, which became the most sensational news in the United States at that time. Pentagon officials have said: no matter where Qian Xuesen has knowledge, his value can be equal to that of the five best equipped U.S. Navy and land forces. In fact, for China at that time, Qian Xuesen was much more powerful than five teachers. Even Chairman Mao said, Americans regard Qian Xuesen as five teachers. In my opinion, Qian Xuesen is more powerful than five teachers for us.

On October 8, 1955, the Qian Xuesen family finally arrived in Beijing. A year later, the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of national defense was officially established, which is the birthday of Chinas aerospace industry.

Two bombs and one star! Why cant the Chinese

Can the Chinese make missiles?

Why cant the Chinese do what foreigners can do? Are Chinese shorter than foreigners?

Good! Thats what I want you to say!

This is a conversation between Chen Geng, then Dean of Harbin military engineering college, and Qian Xuesen in the early winter of 1955.

From then on, Qian Xuesen began to lead and participate in those days related to the cause of China Aerospace.

In 1956, Qian Xuesen was appointed to establish the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of national defense, Chinas first rocket and missile research institution, and served as the first president. He presided over and completed the establishment of jet and rocket technology plan, participated in the development of short-range missiles, medium and short-range missiles and Chinas first man-made earth satellite, directly led the two bombs combination test of carrying atomic bombs with medium and short-range missiles, and participated in the formulation of Chinas first interstellar aviation development plan.

11! These firsts have changed China

Father of Chinas aerospace, father of Chinas missiles, two bombs and one star Yuanxun... These honorary titles come from Qian Xuesens outstanding contribution to Chinas aerospace industry. In the life of Comrade Qian Xuesen, there are 11 firsts of Qian Lao.

In 1956, Chinas first professional Aerodynamics Research Institute

In 1960, Chinas first liquid sounding rocket was launched successfully

In 1960, Chinas first short-range ground to surface missile launch test

In 1964, Chinas first improved medium and short range ground to surface missile flight test

In 1970, Chinas first man-made earth satellite was launched

In 1970, he was warmly received by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other party and state leaders together with the representatives who participated in the development of the first artificial earth satellite project.

From 1972 to 1976, Chinas first nuclear powered submarine

From 1972 to 1976, Chinas first recoverable satellite

In 1980, Chinas intercontinental missile made its first full flight

In 1982, Chinese submarines launched missiles underwater

In 1984, geostationary orbit test communication satellite launch mission

These firsts have changed China and the world.

Big things related to the national day keep refreshing the height of China Aerospace

Qian Lao, you have been away from us for 10 years.

When you left, we had just participated in the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade, and we were reading these equipmentu2014u2014

This year, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China parade, you go before the hearts of those big things have appeared!

You see, land-based mobile solid intercontinental nuclear missile, submarine launched ballistic nuclear missile

Under the guidance of Mr. Qian, Chinas aerospace industry has been booming in the past decade, and the big things related to the National Day parade are constantly updating!

Mainstay and trump card of strategic nuclear power -- dongfeng-41 intercontinental nuclear missile

Julang-2 submarine launched ballistic missile demonstrates Chinas powerful secondary nuclear strike capability to the outside world

Gao Gao No.1, No.2, No.3... Eye catching satellites can break through clouds and fog

The large-scale Beidou navigation satellite, no matter which corner of the world in the future, people can rely on Chinas satellite navigation services to find the direction. Chinese style

Send off in this way only because you are worthy!

Qian Xuesen died of illness in October 2009, aged 98. At the memorial service, in order to recognize and appreciate his great achievements in the aerospace industry of the motherland, the honor guard of the third army carried the coffin, which was covered with a national flag, to commemorate the great patriotic scientist who can be worthy of the five divisions with high specifications. At the farewell ceremony of the body, tens of thousands of people came to see him off.

The true hero will not be forgotten by the people, the motherland and history.

Since my father cant come, Ill take a look for him. On October 1, 2019, Qian Yonggang, Qian Xuesens son, was invited to sit on the No. 3 concierge car of homage square array. Qian Yonggang held up the honor card of Qian Lao and drove through Tiananmen Square by group bus.

China Aerospace didnt let Qian Lao down. Eagle strike-18, dongfeng-17, dongfeng-100

Chinas heavyweight is passing in front of Mr. Qians eyes. We remember your brilliant contribution to Chinas aerospace industry.

We admire your rigorous and realistic scientific quality.

Cherish the memory of you! Listen to you

Review the earnest teachings of old Qian, and feel the childlike heart of the peoples scientists. Take a picture to listen to your words u2193

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