New regulations in November: more than 500 pieces of user information leaked by network platform can be charged

 New regulations in November: more than 500 pieces of user information leaked by network platform can be charged

Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Yang

If the network platform divulges more than 500 pieces of user information, it may be a crime, near famous brand and other behaviors will be severely punished, and high imitation of RMB will be prohibited by Styx Since November, a number of laws and regulations have been implemented to make our life more secure.

Can Internet platform bear criminal responsibility for personal information leakage? The interpretation of the Supreme Peoples court and the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the application of law in handling criminal cases such as illegal use of information networks and assistance in information network criminal activities shall come into force as of November 1, and shall clearly stipulate the preconditions and entry criteria for the crime of refusing to perform the obligation of information network security management.

According to the criminal law, if a network service provider fails to perform the information network security management obligations prescribed by laws and administrative regulations and refuses to correct after being ordered by the regulatory authorities to take corrective measures, resulting in the leakage of user information and causing serious consequences, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also, or shall only, be fined.

The judicial interpretation of two highs is clear about this, refusing to perform the obligation of information network security management, resulting in the leakage of user information, which has resulted in the leakage of more than 500 trace information, communication content, credit information and property information, resulted in the leakage of accommodation information, communication record, health and physiological information, transaction information and other user information that may affect personal and property security Eight cases, such as more than 5000 articles of interest, shall be recognized as causing serious consequences as stipulated in the criminal law.

Hoarding trademarks and relying on famous brands will be severely punished

From November 1, the revised trademark law will come into force, making it clear that the amount of compensation for maliciously infringing the exclusive right to use a trademark will be increased from less than three times before the amendment to less than five times, and the upper limit of legal compensation will be increased from 3 million yuan to 5 million yuan.

This amendment adds the provision that malicious trademark registration applications not for use shall be rejected. Firstly, it shall be applied in the stage of examination, so as to move forward the threshold of fighting against malicious registration, and take it as the reason for raising objections and requesting invalidation, which is directly applicable to the objection procedure and invalidation procedure. At the same time, the trademark agency shall not accept the entrustment if it knows or should know that the principal has malicious registration behavior, and shall be investigated for responsibility according to law once it is found.

Ming coin high imitation of RMB is banned

It is reported that in recent years, banking financial institutions have collected many counterfeit coins printed with the words Tiandi bank and magic props. Similar counterfeit currency looks from the outside, and its size, pattern and color are close to the real currency, which is easy to confuse the public and cause property damage. In this regard, in addition to the prohibition of the use of the RMB pattern, the method details the rules for the use of the RMB pattern, and puts the partial pattern of the issued currency into the standardized management.

According to the method, the use of RMB pattern shall not damage the image of RMB, national interests and social public interests, and the public shall not mistake RMB, etc., and clearly identifiable pattern words shall be marked in the obvious position in the middle of the pattern, and the length and width of the words pattern shall not be less than one third of the length and width of the pattern respectively. The bank name and monetary unit of the peoples Bank of China shall not be used in the production of commodities with RMB patterns.

Passengers are not allowed to leave the station without safety belt

The revised work safety specification for bus passenger station will come into effect on November 1. In order to strengthen the safety management requirements of key personnel and links, relevant regulations should be adjusted and optimized in the aspects of improving the safety management responsibilities, strengthening the basic guarantee of safety production, improving the safety production management system, and supplementing the requirements for troubleshooting and governance of potential safety hazards.

The revised specification requires that the operators of the bus terminal shall strictly inspect the personnel, luggage and vehicles entering and leaving the bus terminal to ensure three no entry and six no exit.

Three no entry refers to: no entry of dangerous goods, no entry of irrelevant personnel (departure area), no entry of irrelevant vehicles. Six no outbound refers to: no outbound for overloaded operating buses, no outbound for unqualified operating buses in safety routine inspection, no outbound for passengers without safety belt, no outbound for unqualified drivers, no outbound for operating buses with incomplete certificates and no outbound for outbound registration form without approval and signature. Among them, passengers cant leave the station without wearing seat belt is the new requirement after this revision.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhuanet: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279