How come Halloween and pumpkin lanterns? Another story to scare away ghosts?

 How come Halloween and pumpkin lanterns? Another story to scare away ghosts?

Halloween is different from other festivals. It is always full of terrible ghost stories, pranks, exciting costumes and strange games. Children dressed as monsters and goblins begging for candy and pumpkin lanterns carved into scary faces have become an essential part of Halloween.

The origin of Halloween

There are many versions of Halloween, but today, the festival has become more of a cultural heritage.

One is that the festival originated from the Druids of ancient Western European countries before the birth of Christianity. On New Years Eve, druids will let young people gather in teams, wear all kinds of weird masks, and carry the carved turnip lamp to walk around the village. It was a kind of autumn harvest celebration at that time, and it was also to let the ghost see a complete harvest, while the light was to scare away the ghost and illuminate the return route for it.

Another popular saying is that more than 2000 years ago, November 1 was designated as the world saints day by Christianity. Later, Celts living in Ireland, Scotland and other places moved the festival forward one day. They think its the beginning of winter, when the dead will return to their former homes and try to regenerate. The living people are afraid of these spirits to seize life, so they put out the fire and candles on this day, and dressed themselves as ghosts and monsters to scare them away.

Pumpkin lamp originated from ancient Ireland. It is said that a man named Jack was blocked at the gate of heaven and hell after he died because he made a deal with the devil. After Jacks death, his soul could neither go to heaven nor to hell, so his ghost had to rely on a radish made lantern to guide him to wander between heaven and earth. Later, when Irish immigrants found pumpkin, a vegetable rich in North America, radish was gradually replaced by pumpkin.

One of the most popular festivals for children

Halloween costumes can be described as a variety of strange, no longer limited to ghosts. Halloween costumes are actually for pranks. Now you can dress up as you like. Of course, the most favorite is the children. In addition to fun dressing, candy is also an essential holiday food.

On Halloween, children will carry pumpkin lights, wear all kinds of strange costumes, go door-to-door to ask for candy, and will keep saying trick or treat. If you refuse to give candy, the children will punish you in various ways, such as dumping garbage at your door and so on, until you give them candy.

Festivals that spread all over the world

If you are interested in this festival, try to make a pumpkin lamp or buy some small toys by yourself to add the atmosphere of the festival.

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