For 19 years, she put back the happiness she lost after the accident

 For 19 years, she put back the happiness she lost after the accident

Disaster not only represents misfortune, but also can be a bridge to happiness.

On holiday, the family sat around the lawn by the lake.

The young father took out the banana from the fruit basket, the baby picked it up, raised it to the mouth of the old man in the opposite wheelchair, said crisply, grandma, eat the banana, sweet! Standing not far away, Zhang Cheng holds up his camera and frames this warm scene.

In May 19 years ago, it was such a quiet holiday and a happy family...

That day, disaster did not care for the joy of life, smashed everything.

I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the roadbed, with my bloodless father and mother beside me... A tragic car accident, let Zhang Chengs father died on the spot, mother cervical fracture, 12-year-old she lost all her life in a moment. Merciless fate has torn happiness apart. Fortunately, we can put it back together.

What kind of story did Zhang Chengs family go through, and how did they polish the pain into happiness?


Responsibility gives me strength

That car accident, let Zhang Chengs right arm smash fracture.

My father left forever. My mother suffered from paraplegia. The doctor said she could not live for seven years.

Zhang Cheng drags his right hand in plaster and runs with his grandparents for his mothers treatment. That summer, she suddenly grows up.

After school, Zhang Cheng went to boarding school.

It was a rainy day when my father was buried. After that, every time it rained, she ran out and around the playground until she was wet.

One night in late autumn, Zhang Cheng couldnt hold back his sadness. He took three buckets of cold water and splashed it on his head.

The roommate quickly contacted Zhang Chengs grandmother, who came and hugged her tightly, saying, Cheng Cheng, if you are sad, say it and cry! Hearing this, Zhang Cheng burst into tears.

Zhang Cheng is studious and has strong organizational ability. Her classmates chose her as the monitor. Grandma is very happy when she knows it. Let me take responsibility.

The word responsibility reminds Zhang Cheng of his father.

Before his death, he was the director of the Tourism Bureau. He was very dedicated. I especially admire him. Even if he is gone, it will always be in my heart.

Zhang Chengs life is getting busy. Every day, in addition to studying, he is also responsible for the work of the school Youth League Committee.

My energy is consumed, and I have no time to think of anything else. A sense of responsibility gives me strength.

Zhang Chengs mother, Wu Xiaoping, used to work in the newspaper. She was versatile.

Now she has become a paraplegic in a high position, she cant accept: at that time, I washed my face with tears every day and didnt care about my daughter. I didnt expect her to be so sensible.

Zhang Cheng grabbed his mothers shoulder and said to the reporter, the family is a whole. I take care of my mother as naturally as she used to take care of me.

Not overwhelmed by disaster,

It can be my treasure

Ive never been a girl without love. Zhang Cheng always thinks so.

After her father died, there was always an uncle who came to visit her. He is my fathers good friend, and he helps me as much as he can.

Zhang Cheng also knows that grandma often calls the head teacher to help her out of the shadow. Everyones hard work gives Zhang Cheng warmth and strength, and her world slowly brightens up.

After Wu Xiaoping left the hospital, Zhang Cheng started his day reading life again.

At first, I thought my mother would live as long as she was alive. Later, I hope she can recover better and feel more cheerful.

Every day after school, Zhang Cheng put down his schoolbag and went to work with grandma. He helped her turn over, clap her back and cook for her.

Skills in other peoples eyes are just what life needs for me. Zhang Cheng laughed, I want my family to eat better, and then the inspiration burst out!

Gradually, Wu Xiaopings tears are less and his smile is more.

She would ask her daughter to turn on the radio, listen to the radio and hum a song. Zhang Cheng feels that the mother at this time needs not only good food and sleep, but also a richer spiritual life. So she changed from a gourmet to an inventor.

Wu Xiaopings fingers are inflexible, so he needs to be fed. After repeated observation, Zhang Cheng made a spoon glove and put on the gloves. Wu Xiaoping can eat by himself with weak finger strength!

I picked up the spoon again, as if I had taken control of life again. Wu Xiaoping thinks the future is more and more promising.

Later, Zhang Cheng made a stand with the mirror again, in this way, mom can lie down and watch TV.

After a period of time, she encouraged her mother to sit up and go outside to have a look. However, as long as they were together, Wu Xiaoping was sweating profusely.

Zhang Cheng and grandma took her to many hospitals. They have tried traditional Chinese and Western medicine, but still cant solve it.

Finally, Zhang Cheng thought that if he could not cure it well, he would make his mother more comfortable even if he could only sit for a few minutes.

So she bought a cushion online and improved it according to her mothers physical characteristics.

After Wu Xiaoping sat up, he didnt sweat. He sat for the first time for an hour, even the doctor was shocked.

Chapter Cheng said: it may be that the cushion adjusts the body angle, no longer oppresses the nerve, just fine.

Wu Xiaoping didnt think so. She thought it was her daughters filial piety that moved heaven and earth. I cant let her down because her daughter is so attentive!

From then on, Zhang Cheng found that the mother of the former meat eating animal began to take the initiative to eat vegetables. Her mother said, in this way, you can prevent constipation, and you can take care of me.

Every day after school, Zhang Cheng finds that her mother is watching health programs and often urges her grandparents to go for a walk. She didnt even care about herself before, but now she cares about others.

Later, Wu Xiaoping became a health care expert at home, designing recipes for the whole family, and his work and rest were extremely regular.

Wu Xiaoping said with a smile, they all said, put down your mobile phone and pay attention to your heart . I think I did a good job. You see, this traffic accident is not without any benefit.


In the summer of 2006, grandma gave two things to Zhang Cheng: one is the admission notice of Zhejiang agricultural and Forestry University, and the other is the grant from Shenghua group.

After entering the University, Zhang Cheng worked harder and won many university level and national level scholarships. As the head of the Organization Department of the Youth League Committee of the college, she actively participated in various public welfare activities and joined the Communist Party of China in June 2008.

In the year of graduation, Zhang Cheng was rated as an excellent undergraduate and successfully admitted to graduate school, and also won the university student filial piety Award Fund.

When he was a graduate student, Zhang Cheng met his lover, Wang Kaili. They were cousins under the same tutor, and they fell in love with each other.

Every winter and summer vacation, Wang Kaili and Zhang Cheng go home together.

She is a little apologetic: people fall in love with each other are travelling, watching movies, we are going home to work.

Wang Kaili didnt care. He said happily, travel is for a good mood. Im in a good mood when I go to your home.

After graduation, Wang Kaili gave up the opportunity to develop in a big city, and Zhang Cheng returned to his hometown Deqing.

Zhang Cheng worked in the county housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, and won the advanced individual in the publicity work of the county construction system for two consecutive years. She joined the volunteer commando team of sewage co governance party members and went to do public welfare when she was free.

After marriage, the couple saved money to buy a car, in this way, its convenient to go out and take my mother around on weekends.

On Chinese New Years day, they always buy their mother a gift and cook some special dishes.

Zhang Cheng said that she especially liked a saying in filial piety is priceless:

Be filial to your parents as soon as possible. Maybe its a mansion, maybe its a brick, maybe its a goose on the other side of the ocean, maybe its a message close by On the scale of filial piety, they are equal.

Out of the pain, she knows better than anyone: plain days are worth cherishing.

Now, Zhang Cheng has two lovely sons. When he comes to see grandma, the 3-year-old son will climb to bed, press her legs, rub her hands, and whine, grandma, are you comfortable?

People often use Phoenix Nirvana as a metaphor for rebirth after a disaster. Zhang Cheng, however, said lightly: in fact, its not so exaggerated. I just believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

When she said this, her smile was like a flower. In front of such a smile, all the bad luck would be deterred.