Do you know some fatal mistakes after breaking up?

 Do you know some fatal mistakes after breaking up?

Sorry, Im really wrong, please dont leave me!

Forgive me, you can do anything!

Dear, I really love you, I cant do without you!

If he was a man of his own mind, such a plea would not help. Maybe you want to win his pity and sympathy through this kind of almost begging language, and even think flexibly that it can be saved by crying as before, but things are not as simple as you think.

Your crying will only make him feel that you ignore his heart, because you always pour out your feelings. Such a person, he will feel no longer worthy of love.

The most obvious manifestation is the denial of facts:

Weve never been apart, okay?

I know you wont break up with me, right?

Think about it. Its childish and immature. Whats more, he will look down on you and think what you say is wrong.

When he breaks up with you, it means that he has denied everything to you. All he sees are your blemishes and faults in the process of getting along with you. Any action you do to him will only aggravate his negative physiology to you. So dont make such a low-level mistake again.

3. The most direct cause of disgust is SMS, wechat and telephone bombing

Youve been calling and texting, at first out of politeness, he may answer, but after all, everyone has their own life to be busy, such endless bombing, the more the future will only make people feel unreasonable, bored, regardless of their own feelings.

You should be well aware that you have broken up. You dont have the right to explore each other as you used to, let alone keep in touch with each other, trying to explain or defend yourself.

If you do so, I want to change to anyone else. Naturally, he will start to refuse to pick you up (back) and block you. When he arrives at the unbearable field, he will directly blackmail you. In this way, you will lose the channel of communication with him and become more angry and desperate because of his disconnection.

In addition, you start to pay crazy attention to his emotional dynamics, for fear that he will empathize and dont love.

In fact, its not necessary at all. You should have basic self-esteem. If he is a good man, he wont put his feelings into another person so easily. In other words, if you break up, he will immediately put himself into the arms of others, such a man is not worth your love.

You will find ways to make yourself sick, or drink all day and all night, or even directly self harm. I think this can arouse his meticulous efforts to you, so that he can know I really care about you!

In a short time, he may get his pity, but in fact, such an approach will push him further and further, because he will feel that you are terrible, and people who are prone to death will live together without any sense of security. Besides, people who dont even love themselves are not qualified to love others.

Reprint please note that the original text is from the emotion workshop!