How do boys express their high success rate?

 How do boys express their high success rate?

Because every girl is special, their personality determines what kind of expression they are more interested in. Lets say that a little girl who likes to watch idol plays very much will prefer romantic moves. Domineering president style wall Dong, caring for the micro touch, and so on.

But if you apply such tactics to a girl who has a very independent personality, loves reading books and even hates love stories, it will backfire. The only result is to cause her dislike. Therefore, there is absolutely no infallible formula for expressing this matter. If we have to say a way that can be universal, then it must be to express our sincerity.

Although there is no fixed template for confession, there are still traces to follow. First of all, you need to know this girl well. At least, you need to know her likes and dislikes. Dont hit the gun.

Secondly, you should learn to save the country by curving, and ask about some situations through her best friends. Be nice to her friends so that they can often mention your kindness in front of her. Finally, according to all the information, we should make a definite plan to win the beauty at one stroke.

Second, choose the right occasion. For girls who are usually lively, high-profile and lively, you can choose occasions with many people, or combine with her friends to create a surprise. Confide in her in front of her important friends and move her. For quiet girls who prefer to be alone, they have to choose a more private occasion.

Its better to find a place that makes the other person feel comfortable and safe, which is more conducive to your confession. Third, choose the right language. The best way to express your love is to write it down in advance and remember it well. Just like writing a love letter, you can express it. You dont need to be too sarcastic, but you must clearly express your true thoughts and let the other party feel your sincerity.

Reprint please note that the original text is from the emotion workshop!