NBA 10 / 31 Eagles vs heat

 NBA 10 / 31 Eagles vs heat

According to the data, in the face of the NBAs more conventional pick and roll tactics, Miami still has some experience in defense. They can limit the opponents pick and roll players to 16.03 points, while the eagles mainly rely on treyangs personal ability and the pick and roll cooperation between teammates. I believe that Miami will bring them more trouble in tactical play.

The most stable output point of the eagles team is still Trey young, who can get 34 points per game in the first three games. At present, the average score is the second in the league, and the output is quite efficient. Trey Youngs rise in this season has made him one of the best attacking players in the league. Trey Youngs favorite is to cooperate with his teammates to break through the heats defensive tactics, which is also a big problem for the hawks in this game.

From the key data of this game, the support of the home heat team is also very strong. When making a 7.5-point concession, the heat index is still low. Obviously it can be seen that for the heat to usher in Butlers first show, the game is strong in terms of fighting spirit. The two teams are almost equal in strength. If the heat can contain Trey young, the main output point of the eagles, it is believed that there will be a better limit to the scoring ability of the opponents. The data is more consistent with the current strength of the two teams.

In terms of winning and losing, the heats home game index is 1.28, which is much higher than the hawks 3.80, and the winning and losing level also gives the heat considerable support.